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संपत्तीचे महत्त्व – तुकाराम महाराज

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 2nd August 2011

Here are few words of great revolutionary philosopher Saint Tukaram from Maharashtra, Bharat.This piece of words is known as “अभंग” (Abhanga) in Marathi which is “Hymn” in English.

धनवंतालागी । सर्वमान्यता आहे जगी ॥
माता पिता बंधू जन । सर्व मानिती वचन ॥
जव मोठा चाले धंदा । तंव बहिण म्हणे दादा ॥
सदा शृंगारभूषणे । कांता लवे बहुमाने ॥
तुका म्हणे धन । भाग्य अशाश्वत जाण ॥

Lose translation in English:

The wealthy person is recognized by all in the world
Mother, Father, Brother, public listen and respect your words
When business is growing  then sister too addresses respectfully
Provided clothing and ornaments always wife will treat honorably
Hence Tukaram says remember wealth is important and good luck is evanescent

The deep thinking showcased by Saint Tukaram is of a revolutionary thinker. In above hymn he outlines the importance of wealth when one is in this living world. He is encouraging us to earn wealth, of course, through right ways.

Jai Bharat!

संबधित लेख: वृक्ष वल्ली आह्मां सोयरीं

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