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Why Farmers Commit suicide

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 26th March 2011

I came across various assumptions, facts and ignorance about the causes of farmer suicides. It is really very sad on the part of Bharat Sarkar (GOI) and state governments that they have not yet dug into the root cause of the issue. They are busy creating a feel good environment by declaring loan waiver, subsidies and some immediate help.

The government will go to the victim’s house will declare Rs. 100000/200000 or whatever moderate amount enough for a year or two. If that is the case then why not to give such money in advance than later?

Basically we, as responsible citizens, need to question the government and representatives about the suicide reports and reasons of suicide. If a single farmer suicide in NY, USA makes whole country upset and does a primary study with suggestions, then why we, Bharatiya, don’t consider this?

Do you care for us?

Aren’t we aware of that more than 200000 (2 lakh) farmers (Only those who have 7/12 & 8A in their name; women and farm labors aren’t farmers as per government rules.) have committed suicide since 1995?

Saddest part is that our media is not reporting this with correct statistics and facts. The news is rather suppressed to telecast breaking stories of cricket, bollywood and politicians 24X7.

There were more than 16400 suicides in the year of 2008 amidst all loan waivers and subsidies. And after the bad wether conditions of 2009 the number has grown to 17000.

Isn’t this frustrating that even after Rs.72000Cr loan waiver farmers are still committing suicide and the rate is growing. But to solve such problems first our government has to accept that there is a problem, which they are not accepting. Manish Tiwari say that increase in suicide count because of “Systematic issue and need to blame anybody”, in short govt is ducking the responsibility.

(Being a farmer I’ve seen it closely) Here is what I think about the reasons of farmer suicides:

  1. Consistently failing crops
    • Costly and less productive seeds (BT/GM?)
    • Water scarcity
    • (forced) Chemical fertilizers usage
    • Electricity problems
  2. Large cost of seeding and cultivation
  3. Panchnama (Inspection) by government officials after natural/man made calamity
  4. Transportation problems
  5. Storage and Preservation problems.
  6. No guarantee of rates (at the hands of dalals/agents) of farm produce
  7. Insufficient and ineffective food processing facilities
  8. Politics of agriculture produce (Globalization, reduced import duty)
  9. GM/BT effect
    • Seed companies killed local seed variants with the help of state machinery
    • Seed bag prices increased to exploit the need after killing local variants
    • Water scarcity increased after using GM/BT seeds, as such crops need more water

I’ll try to elaborate each and every point with evidences and possible statistics. Will also try to get some testimonials of farmers and write follow-up posts.

Please send me your comments, suggestions and corrections…

जय भारत!!

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