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Anna We Are With You

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 6th April 2011


Anna Hazare, a veteran social activist. He is in social life for more than 35 years now. He was the main crusader for Right To Information bill. He delivered right to information to us and he is fighting for Lok Janpal bill. More power to him.

In Anna’s words,

“I have dedicated my life for the service of my nation. I have not gone to my own house from the last 35 years. I want that poor people should get justice. I want the money back, which we are losing out to corruption. And this government is aiding all the corrupt people,”

Anna in Delhi

Anna, declared his plan almost more than a month before. And he said he’ll go on hunger strike if govt dont accept civil society members as part of Lok Janpal commitee. Expectedly, UPA (most corrupt government) paid no heed to his request and declined it. In return Anna kept his promise and launched the hunger strike today.

Thats not all, now PM requested Anna to postpone or hold back his plans to go on strike. What nonsence? What the hell PM has been doing all these days? His mask of honesty needs to put off.

Upon asking So what was his (PM’s) response?:

Anna just kept quiet (laughs). “It seems he(PM) does not have the power to effect change… matters are remote controlled [by someone else, congress president?]. So now there is just one way [to bring about change]. And that is through public pressure. The government will only listen when it feels there is enough public pressure to threaten even its existence“.

And now PMO regrets Anna’s decision. What is this? Government dont want to act and it want us to dance on its tune?

PMO says “Shri Hazare and his group had presented the Prime Minister a draft of their proposal on a Lokpal. The Prime Minister offered and the group accepted a suggestion that a sub-committee of the Group of Ministers (GoM) could interact and discuss the draft with the civil society activists,”

Look at the statment above, “GoM could interact and discuss”. Why is PMO not interested in involving them in drafting the bill? Why it want to just discuss? PMO needs to have civil society people on the commitee for decision making. Also the report claims false that “group accepted a suggestion that a sub-committee of the Group of Ministers”. This is something serious, on one side IAC team says the ‘meeting went bad‘ and PMO claims group agreed.

While meeting with PM:

The Prime Minister told the group that “I appreciate and share your concerns on corruption”

PM just appreciates and shares the concern. Look at his inactive and passive reply.
After Anna’s meeting with PM:

Anna said “I have written to the Prime Minister, if he doesn’t takes a decision on drafting a strong Lokpal bill by March-end, I will go on an indefinite fast from April 5.”

Hazare, in his letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has demanded that the government immediately set up a committee with at least half of its member being from the civil society.

On 5th April, Anna said:

Views of eminent persons like Justice (Retd) Santosh Hegde, advocate Prashant Bhushan and Agnivesh were not considered important by the government and “a minister like Sharad Pawar, who is known for possessing large amounts of land in Maharashtra, is heading a committee that will draft the bill.”

Government is seriously keeding with us.

Since he committed to go on strike from 5th April he kept his promise. More power to Anna and his team. I’m sure this time he’ll deliver us “Lok Janpal”.

My Only concern: Who will control the Janlokpal? By current draft he can be prosecuted or expelled with President order only. That is not at all a reliable source. As we all know that President is the pawn at the hands of ruling government and expecting President work against them is not good.

Jai Bharat!

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RTI- Success or Failure in Bharat

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 24th March 2011

I received this email from Amitabh and thought of sharing with readers of this blog too. Please participate and increase the quality of research.

Mini Research papers on “RTI- Success or Failure in India” are Invited

We all know that RTI Act has come up as one of the greatest laws enacted in Independent India and its impact on the related socio-political fabric and administrative setup is quite visible. While previously the doors of governance were quite closed to common masses, today with the passage of time RTI has made it possible that everyone can come and have a look at what is going inside the government offices. Yet there are many people who feel that RTI has been an abject failure and it has not been able to achieve most of the goals the social activists had originally envisaged. There is a middle of the road thinking where the feeling is that while a few of the objectives have been achieved, many others still remain as it is.

Our organization, National RTI Forum is making a small contribution in this field by inviting all those concerned with this topic to send Mini research papers on the topic “RTI- Success or Failure in India” The Research Paper can be about any particular aspect of RTI or it can also take the subject in its totality. It needs to cover the topic about functioning of RTI in India. The author of the Research paper might take any stand on the topic as he/she feels like. One can also send the Research paper on the basis of one or a few specific examples.

The last date for sending the Research paper is 30th April 2011. It can be sent either through email at nationalrtiforum@gmail.com , nutanthakurlko@gmail.com or mailed at
Dr Nutan Thakur,
National RTI Forum,
5/426, Viram Khand, Gomti Nagar,
Lucknow- 226010 # 94155-34525

Following set of rules shall be applicable-
1. The last date for sending the Research papers shall be 30th April, 2011
2. Research papers can be sent either through email or at the given postal address
3. The maximum word limit of the Research paper shall be 5000 words while the minimum limit shall be 1500 words
4. The sender of the Research papers must also provide their name, address, email, phone number etc.
5. Research paper must be original at all cost and shall not have already been published anywhere
6. Research papers can be sent either in Hindi or English language

The best two Mini Research papers shall be accordingly awarded-
First prize- Rs. 2,000/ (Two thousand only)
2nd prize- Rs. 1,000/ (One thousand only)
The First two research papers shall be published as well.

With Regards,
Amitabh Thakur,
President, National RTI Forum

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