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Why I’ll vote for Shri Narendra Modi, this time?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 10th April 2014

Today we have 3 choices for General Election 2014:

1. Shri Rahul Gandhi led Congress

Bloody Congressi dynastic leaders and sycophants lynched us for 6 decades. I’m deeply pained. Anguished. Helpless. They used all possible tricks to retain the power. They killed Gandhi. They allowed killing of Bhagat Singh. They destroyed Savarkar. They killed Netaji. They killed Shastriji, Patel. They killed all those opposed them. Congressi are no lesser than the early barbaric invaders. They are even worse than colonist British. MK Gandhi cheated us. He is father of Congress and not nation.

And corruption is other story. They destroyed all institutions. Institutionalized corruption. Allowed only sycophants. Meritorious are deprived of any space. Meritocracy is taken over by sycophancy.

You can count scams for each alphabet from A to Z.

2. Shri Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadami Party

He started with Baba Ramdev’s support. Used RSS cadre to get attention initially. Then used Anna Hazare to get national limelight. Media helped IAC campaign to achieve popularity. Then he ditched Anna too. Formed political party. Said I’ll not take support from any political party on oath of own children. Then took you-turn and formed Delhi govt with Congress support. After forming govt he offered free water to those who has water connection. Which doesn’t real needy poor inhabitants, who doesn’t even have water connection. He offered free electricity for 4 months, why because there are national elections in 4 months time. He said don’t pay any pending electricity bills, while doing injustice to who regularly pay their dues. He then resigned over so hypothetical problem.  He used to say Corruption is biggest problem, now he says Communalism is biggest problem. Today he is fighting against Modi because corruptions isn’t a challenge anymore. Hence Sonia and all bigwigs of Congress go unopposed. His founding members are questioning his autocratic behavior and he don’t want to answer.

This guy took more u-turns than any politician in the world. Worst than congress.

3. Shri Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party

Led Gujarat success story for over a decade. Came clean on charges of communalism. Proved that he can lead the country. He gives us hope. He doesn’t talk about religion, caste, region. He talks only about development. He is asking for 60 months. People said he won’t get allies. All allies are leaving him. Well all proved wrong. He attracted more allies than BJP had before him. He has consolidated and continues to consolidate all pro-development citizens. In whole campaign he did not invoke religion to seek votes. While Shmt Sonia Gandhi, principal opponent, is neck deep in seeking communal consolidation.

My verdict:

Shri Narendra Modi must be given a chance; as he has proven track record and vision for development.

Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkar!! Sadda Haq!!

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Now, Communal Maharashtra Village

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 18th May 2011

I’m reproducing the story as it is with added emphasis.

It seems that the development agenda of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is catching the attention of people in rural areas of neighboring states. For, the sarpanch of a small village in Maharashtra has sent an e-mail to Modi requesting him to adopt his village for development.

Amol Jagannath Sathe, sarpanch of Vairagad village, sent the e-mail to the chief minister on his official website. Interestingly, the decision of sending the request through e-mail to Modi was taken through a resolution passed in the gramsabha and gram panchayat of Vairagad.

Vairagad village is located in Chikhli taluka of Buldhana district of Vidarbha region in Maharashtra.  The region (is worst hit by farmer suicides issue since 1995) faces issues such as poor electricity supply and bad roads and lack of development in agriculture.

Sathe has written the e-mail in Marathi language. He has said in the mail: “After we passed the resolution in the gramsabha and gram panchayat, we all villagers want to implement the growth plan Gujarat’s ideal village in Vairagad. So we request the state government of Gujarat to adopt our village.” Sources in chief minister’s office confirmed that they had received the e-mail from the sarpanch.”

The villagers are ‘impressed’ with the development schemes like road connectivity and uninterrupted power supply being implemented by Modi government,” sources added.

Buldhana Lok Sabha seat is represented by Shiv Sena while Chikhli assembly segment is represented by the Indian National Congress. In north-eastern parts of Maharashtra, many villages actually depend on Gujarat socially. Villagers move to Gujarat every year after the monsoon in search of employment and return home before the monsoon. (With agencies)

Original Post (in Gujrati) મહારાષ્ટ્રના ગામને મોદી દત્તક લે : ગ્રામ સરપંચનો મુખ્યમંત્રીને ઈ-મેઇલ
DNA Article: Maharashtra village seeks development help from Narendra Modi

Jai Bharat!

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Sonia Gandhi scared of Narendra Modi?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 7th May 2011

I’m reproducing the story from DNA. Francois Gautier is sharing his viewpoint on why Caesar’s wife is afraid. Read it yourself in my way of writing. I’ve written it in point based format with emphasis and additional links.

**************** Why is Sonia Gandhi so scared of Naredra Modi? ****************

1. Congress Party trying to kill Jan Lokpal Movement.

I’d strong feeling and I said it on twitter:

2. Congress Party is not only recipient but also has actually institutionalised corruption.
3. Sonia and Manmohan Singh are throwing decoys of “Zero tolerance to corruption”
4. They are hell bent on preserving corrupt, untruthful and inefficient e.g. Karunanidhi family

Not just Karunanidhi family.

Because maybe the congress party receives kickbacks.

5. Sonia has been on personal vendetta against Gijrat CM Narendra Modi.
6. Teesta Setalvad has played a role of useful tool for Sonia. Its discovered now that Teesta bribed witnesses, filed false affidavits and committed repeated perjuries in court.
7. Now Sanjiv Bhat is taking Teesta’s place.

Even Gujrat congress leaders skipped the “Swarnim Gujrat” celebrations.

8. They have subverted investigative instruments. Like they go after Modi alone but others are left once public forgets.
9. CBI requested judiciary to drop case against Jagdish Tytler, who was seen by innumerable witnessed leading mobs to murder sikhs.
10. CBI removed red corner against Quatrochi in bofors case, Lalu Yadav was allowed to loot and keep Bihar in most desolute state because he was an ally
11. Rajiv Gandhi let go Andrson, main accused, in Bhopal case.
12. Rajiv eliminated Khalistani seperatist leaders and he was louded but when Soharabuddin, wanted in 5 states in various 40 cases (Rajsthan govt had price on him), was killed central govt implicates Gujrat? Soharabuddin had 40 AK-47, many live hand grenades at his home.

Why so much for a terrorist? No its not because he is Muslim but because there is an opportunity to malign Gujrat govt.

13. Gujrat is most lawful and least corrupt state which is praised by like of Ratan Tata, read here.

By the way its not only media which is praising Modiji; one of my colleague, from Gujrat, has been cherishing growing Gujrat and she says she isn’t a fan of Modiji but he is doing exceptional job

14. Gujrat riots were triggered becasue “57 Hindus, 36 of them innocent women and children, burnt alive in Sabaramati express”. This fact is carefully omitted to implicate Narendra Modi.

This is not justification for any wrong doing. But you cant have two rules for same crime. Let the court do its job and then come to conclusion. This is media and opposition trial because Modiji played development politics unlike any other opposition. And congress do not have any foothold in Gujrat due to widespread development in Gujrat.

15. If Modiji could have done this then why would people of Gujrat voted him twice to the power and everytime with clearer majority. Infact Congress is feeling like they will be extinct if Modi continues.
17. Narendra Modi is the toughest challenge for Rahul Gandhi becoming PM and Sonia is trying her level best to eliminate him.
18. Sonia has achieved terrifying power. A glance of her, a silence, just being there, is enough for her inner circle to act.

Jai Bharat!

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I will accept Modi as 100 per cent ideal

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 12th April 2011

Social Veteran Anna praised Gujrat CM Narendra Modi


The work of chief ministers of Gujarat and Bihar in their states should be adopted by other chief ministers
He goes on saying “I will accept Modi as 100 per cent ideal when he brings Lokayukta in his state

Guj CM Modi

Narendra Modi’s reply:

“On the eighth day of fasting in the Navratri, I am inspired to write to you early at 5 O’clock in the morning.” …..
…. I heard about your blessings to me and my state, I feared that you will be subjected to vilification. A certain group inimical to Gujarat will not miss this opportunity to malign your love, sacrifice, penance and commitment to truth. They will try to tarnish your name because you spoke well of me and my state ….

…. As luck would have it, this has come true. Once again, these inimical forces have come to the fore. On the occasion of Navratri, I pray to Maa Jagadamba that no one sullies your fair name

In past communist MP Abdulla Kutty, Shri Amitabh Bachchan, Shri Gunavant Shah and Maulana Gulam Vatsanvi all were sullied for praising Gujarat and its development. The so called (pseudo) seculars are biased and want communal rift. They will die hungry if there is communal harmony.

More power to Anna Hazareji and Narendra Modiji.

Expectedly trolls are on their way “Mallika ask Anna to retract statement else she will leave the movement.” And this too

Even an attempt to politicize his involvement made by trolls “Hazare is RSS man

Jai Bharat!

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