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Ch Sambhaji Maharaj – Early Life

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 4th April 2011

Today is Dharmaveer Ch Sambhaji Maharaj’ Martyrdom day and I attribute this post to his martyrdom and great work.

I started with this post few days ago to revisit the history (in my own capacity). This is second to the chain. Posts are informative so a bit lengthy but true history lovers and Chatrapati Shivaji, Sambhaji followers would love this.

Birth of Ch. Sambhaji Maharaj

In the year of 1656 Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj won Jawali (from Chandrarao More) and Shringarpur (from Survey the then Deshmukh, currently in Ratnagiri district). Birth of Ch Sambhaji Raje followed these excellent victories, like topping on ice-cream, by Ch Shivaji Maharaj.

Purandar, Birth Place of Sambhaji

Birth date: 14 May 1657 (Shake 1579, Helambi Nam Samvastare, Jesth Shuddh 12, dvadashis, swati nakshatri, guruwari ghatika 10, daha)

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj celebrated his birth with sheer joy. Distributed sweets, arranged reception for people, donated to all needy, did Suvarnabhishek (Gold coins bath) of Shivaji Maharaj and distributed the gold to poor of the land. He continued his flamboyant roaring on land and sea.

The same year i.e. 1657 Venkaji Raje, alias Ekoji, (Half brother to Ch Shivaji Maharaj) won back the Coromandal(Nagapattinam now in Tamilnadu) from Dutch.

Shivaji killed Afzal

Following that Afzal Khan attacked Maratha Kingdom with 12000 odd army. Before going to meet Afzal Khan Ch Shivaji Maharaj said “Keep Jijabaisaheb (his mother) and Sambhaji Raje (only son) on Rajgad(Early kingdom). If we win by destroying killing then no worries. If anything happens to me on battlefield then yuvraj (Sambhaji Raje 2.5yrs old then) is there. Give kingdom to his helm and be in his order“. This was the faith and expectation of great warrior king from his son (King himself took the lead in nurturing and grooming Sambhaji raje for the cause). This “Destruction of Afzal Khan” is well known history. Afzal khan was killed by Shivaji Maharaj in the year of 1659.

After this victory over evil midnded Afzal(who was a brutal warrior) Shivaji Maharaj tightened his grip over dekhkhan (South Bharat) by elimintating Afzal, which was a big blow to the Adilshahi Kingdo m. This was a turning point which ultimately led the Adilshahi debacle.

Sambhaji Raje’s education:

His excellency Great King Shahaji Maharaja arrived from Banglur, Karnatak to see and train his grandson Sambhaji.

Jijabai Blessing Shivaji and Sambhaji

Shambhaji Raje inherited intellectual wealth from his father whereas base of useful excellent education was constructed by Maharaja Shahaji and Maharani Jijabaisaheb. Due to this Shambaji became an all-rounder. Sambhaji Maharaj was well versed in ved-shastr and a reformist in true sense (He challenged and fought many torturous inhumane Brahmani traditions, which will be covered in following articles appropriately).

Sambhaji Raje learned from Ch Shivaji, Maharaja Shahaji and Jijabaisaheb at later stages Keshavbhat and Umaji Pandit were his tutor.

Ch Shivaji Maharaj shared the knowledge of fort maintenance, stable management, army management, army discipline, land measurement. Horse riding, scholarly study, arms training, archery etc.
Criminal Penal Code and Raj Dharma were tought through experienced and scholarly elders. One of them was Maharani Jijabaisaheb.

In order to give appropriate understanding of enemy Ch Shivaji Maharaj took him along to Agra to meet Aurangzeb (when Sambhaji Maharaj was just 9 years old).

Being responsible citizen and prince: living upto father’s expectations, not hurting anyone, be polite, having good friends, never be in bad’s company, treat other women as mother (This is the way Ch Shivaji Maharaj lived his life)

Follow Raj putra dharma: Obey king’s orders, keep low profile, king should save their peopl in any circumstances.

Learned tricks to govern: Information gathering and governance tricks from ministers, helpers and good people around; {can we mention Bahirji Naik?}; Keep good and alert associate alongside, find faithfuls carefully; Sit with excellent adult clerk; stay in courtroom, learn functioning.

Sambhaji Maharaj handwriting

Gagabhatt wrote and presented the Samnayan novel to Ch Sambhaji Raje after rajyabhishek. This proves that his scholarly attributes were highly respected among scholars that time.

He knew Sang ved; studied Kamandki and history by himself. He was scholar and knew seven languages[need citation]; he wrote Budhbhushan in Samskritam and Nakhshikha, Nayikabhed and Sat Shatak in Hindi.

I amazed to read all this information. What a value based education was to given to the to be king. These are facets known and available in various books and writings of that time. He was truly a lion cub (chhava).

Jai Bharat! Jai Bharati!

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