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Government, Farmers and That FDI [My tweets]

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 15th September 2012


Here are some facts about the retailers in the world and my doubts about FDI in retail.

Jay Bharat!

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Can I ask Mr. Pradhan Mantri of Bharat under what laws you ordered to block them?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 24th August 2012




Evil designs of government to attack on freedom of Netizens is condemned. You can not block anybody just because you are uncomfortable with facts. You can certainly block those who are hate-mongers, but with judicial orders and not at your discretion.

Jay  Bharat!

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Bharat needs a leader not a [lame] duck

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 25th July 2011

Characteristics of PM Manmohan Singh:

We have an honest PM who used cash to buy votes to ensure the Congress win the trust in parliament for UPA govt.

We have a PM who has not cared to look into allegations against Sonia Gandhi, Congress President, about being KGB agent.

We have a PM who did not utter even a word when Hindu community labeled terrorist by his party office bearers let alone losing sleep.

We have a PM who does not a lose sleep when progressive Muslim Vastanvi is shown bin by Deoband.

We have a PM who dont make any statement or appeal to dying Farmers. More than 200000 farmers have committed suicide since 1995. He neither loses sleep.

We have a PM who has no clue of his own dept of science and technology’s fraudulent deal, to be scrapped afterwards, of ISRO-Devas.

We have a PM who haven’t given a single statement about Hasan Ali’s Rs.72000 Crores tax evasion. Forget about losing sleep.

We have a PM who did not lose sleep when Suresh Kalmadi, Sheila Dixit – caretakers of CWG – tore apart our image on international platform for lethargy, sub-standard work and huge scam.

We have a PM who was present when nation was being robbed off Rs.176000 Crores in 2G spectrum scam.

We have a PM who has no control over cabinet and doesn’t recognize his responsibility to be answerable to people of Bharat.

We have a PM who lost his sleep for an arrest of a Doctor in Australia for alleged role in terrorist work. But did not lose when Sadhvi tortured brutally by his own investigation machinery.

We have a PM who uses press conference to convey a message that he is not a lame-duck.

Jai Bharat!

P.S.: This isn’t an exhaustive list of his work but just an overview. Please feel free to add more.

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Sonia Gandhi scared of Narendra Modi?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 7th May 2011

I’m reproducing the story from DNA. Francois Gautier is sharing his viewpoint on why Caesar’s wife is afraid. Read it yourself in my way of writing. I’ve written it in point based format with emphasis and additional links.

**************** Why is Sonia Gandhi so scared of Naredra Modi? ****************

1. Congress Party trying to kill Jan Lokpal Movement.

I’d strong feeling and I said it on twitter:

2. Congress Party is not only recipient but also has actually institutionalised corruption.
3. Sonia and Manmohan Singh are throwing decoys of “Zero tolerance to corruption”
4. They are hell bent on preserving corrupt, untruthful and inefficient e.g. Karunanidhi family

Not just Karunanidhi family.

Because maybe the congress party receives kickbacks.

5. Sonia has been on personal vendetta against Gijrat CM Narendra Modi.
6. Teesta Setalvad has played a role of useful tool for Sonia. Its discovered now that Teesta bribed witnesses, filed false affidavits and committed repeated perjuries in court.
7. Now Sanjiv Bhat is taking Teesta’s place.

Even Gujrat congress leaders skipped the “Swarnim Gujrat” celebrations.

8. They have subverted investigative instruments. Like they go after Modi alone but others are left once public forgets.
9. CBI requested judiciary to drop case against Jagdish Tytler, who was seen by innumerable witnessed leading mobs to murder sikhs.
10. CBI removed red corner against Quatrochi in bofors case, Lalu Yadav was allowed to loot and keep Bihar in most desolute state because he was an ally
11. Rajiv Gandhi let go Andrson, main accused, in Bhopal case.
12. Rajiv eliminated Khalistani seperatist leaders and he was louded but when Soharabuddin, wanted in 5 states in various 40 cases (Rajsthan govt had price on him), was killed central govt implicates Gujrat? Soharabuddin had 40 AK-47, many live hand grenades at his home.

Why so much for a terrorist? No its not because he is Muslim but because there is an opportunity to malign Gujrat govt.

13. Gujrat is most lawful and least corrupt state which is praised by like of Ratan Tata, read here.

By the way its not only media which is praising Modiji; one of my colleague, from Gujrat, has been cherishing growing Gujrat and she says she isn’t a fan of Modiji but he is doing exceptional job

14. Gujrat riots were triggered becasue “57 Hindus, 36 of them innocent women and children, burnt alive in Sabaramati express”. This fact is carefully omitted to implicate Narendra Modi.

This is not justification for any wrong doing. But you cant have two rules for same crime. Let the court do its job and then come to conclusion. This is media and opposition trial because Modiji played development politics unlike any other opposition. And congress do not have any foothold in Gujrat due to widespread development in Gujrat.

15. If Modiji could have done this then why would people of Gujrat voted him twice to the power and everytime with clearer majority. Infact Congress is feeling like they will be extinct if Modi continues.
17. Narendra Modi is the toughest challenge for Rahul Gandhi becoming PM and Sonia is trying her level best to eliminate him.
18. Sonia has achieved terrifying power. A glance of her, a silence, just being there, is enough for her inner circle to act.

Jai Bharat!

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Prime Minister: Most Corrupt fully with Anti-nationals working for their interest

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 10th February 2011

PM manmohan has lost all the respect and dignity, that too for anti-nationals. He has seriously put big dent on the name of Sardars/Sikhs. Sikh/Sardar are the ones who r always looked upon as ideals for inspiration for truthfulness and integrity.

Irony is that even after so many scams and corruption there is not a single press conference by PM, Congress chief or General Secretary. They are all hiding behind PC and Sibal.

http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/3914/65024373.jpgP Chidu and Sibal both are die hard supporters of corrupt.

In case of 2G scan sibal said govt didnt lose any money and within few days CBI arrested Raja. Then he went on to say that NDA did it so we followed. Now comes S spectrum scam, in which more than 2Lakh Crore might have been lost. The S spectrum agreement was signed when he was in Science and research ministry. So the skeletons are tumbling out. Interestingly the ISRO comes directly under PM. Without his signature nothing can go ahead.

“It is said that Manmohan might have signed under the pressure from Sonia and Pachauri.” very soon truth will come out.

Chidu said that in case of Thomas, CVC, he did not know about any criminal proceedings against Thomas. Utter non sense. In the 3 member panel Shmt Sushma Swaraj had brought to the panel’s notice that Thomas has a pending charge-sheet in Palmolin case.

PC n Digvijay in order to divert attention from Gov in-activeness and ineffectiveness went after tolerant Hindus. labeled us with Saffron Terror, Hindu Terror.

This was just another ploy to achieve two things
1. diverting public attention from all scams.
2. creating rift among two communities for political mileage.

Shame on you Manmohan Singh for letting us down. Shame on you that you  still hung to the chair and dont have any morals to resign and call re-elections. Shame Shame Shame

I curse myself for being happy when Manmohan Singh was elected as Prime Minister of Bharat in 2004. I can never forgive myself for such mistake, of mine, that I supported his selection (he has never elected by citizens through election).

सरफरोशोंने लहू देके जिसे सींचा हैं, ऐसे भारत को लुटरोंसे बचालों यारो.
सरफरोशी की तमन्ना दिल में जगा लो यारो.

जय भारत, जय भारती!

P.S.: Original post here.

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