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Request for blessings for FTI’s proposed policy writing competition

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 22nd October 2012

मराठी मध्ये

Dear Bharatiya,

The Freedom Team of Bharat (FTI) proposes to conduct an all-Bharat policy writing competition. We need to raise Rs. 5 lakhs, of which (mostly) FTI members have already raised Rs. 95,000 in the last three days.

The details of the funding request have been announced here: http://freedomteam.in/blog/content/request-to-fund-indias-first-ever-all-india-policy-writing-competition

At this stage we are only seeking commitments, not actual funds.

We invite you to put your blessings into this little project. FTI is keen to build democratic capital. We don’t think anyone should contribute more than Rs.30,000. This is about ownership of a new, different Bharat. If you are happy to contribute a small amount, please let me know.

Please also circulate the link provided above post to your colleagues and friends.

Jay Bharat!

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Why I joined Freedom Team Bharat?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 12th March 2012

Namaste Mitro,

When I think about future of Bharat and Bharati, become very uncomfortable and feel deprived of fundamental rights, because of the current creed of Bharatiy Politician and Bureaucrats.

More than 250000 farmer suicides in 15 years, Bhopal Gas leak victims still suffer, students are taught to bribe from the beginning (pay donation otherwise no admission), fake encounters, inhumane murder of social workers,  idols of nation (source of pride and inspiration) are maligned in the name of communal harmony(e.g. Chh Shivaji), whole nation is hostage in hands of some political family dynasties, you are not free to raise concerns openly, you are not free to exercise the freedom of creativity(some misuse it so all are punished) and speech, you can’t criticize/question politicians/policemen/bureaucrats for their corruptness, ineffectiveness and irresponsibility, terrorists under trial feast on tax payers money poking fun at the law and citizens of this land, landless labors and women are not farmers, economically backward is not minority but a religious is, workers and labors are sandwiched between owners and leaders, no relief to Mumbai mill workers even after 28 year-long agitation and suffering.

Why situation is so worse? Why I’m forced to learn only few subjects when I desire to learn more? Why there are not enough colleges to attend instead of allocating quota?

The main question is “Am I not free to decide my fate and destiny?”

The time has come where one must remember even in the dreams that “I’m born free and will be free till my last breath. It is my endeavor to deliver freedom to as many citizens as possible in my lifetime. I’m a human not just by birth but by learnings as well and it teaches me of Freedom. Since the times of  Ramayana, where a laundryman had liberty to criticize a royal lady, we have legacy of freedom of expression. And we owe this freedom to everyone in this living world.”

To join: visit Who can join

To know more: Freedom Team

जय भारत!

For more details please visit: Sandeep Shelke Member Page

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