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Please help Manju to chronicle lives and times of Vidarbha farmers

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 3rd August 2011

Manju, 19 year old, currently pursuing bachelors in journalism from Nagpur University. She not only fought odds that a general farmer’s pupil faces but studied against the depressing situation after father’s suicide and then elder sister’s medical death. That is really admirable seeing her age and experience. Giving up is always easiest way than to struggle and keep up the spirit.

In her words,

“I want to pursue journalism. That way I can chronicle the lives and times of Vidarbha farmers. As daughter of a farmer, who committed suicide, I have seen it all at close quarters and suffered every moment.”

She also tells that the CM’s promises never came true.

“I remember that soon after my father’s suicide the then chief minister Narayan Rane came to our village. At a function organised to hand over compensation cheque of Rs 1 lakh, several promises for the welfare of farmers were made. Among the promises that were never kept was the one of providing free education to the children of farm suicide victims

She is worried about the expenses at university,

I have no idea how I will meet the cost of studying and living in a big city like Nagpur. I only hope I realise my ambition and lend a helping hand to my mother back in the village”

I urge readers to help Manju in any possible ways. Best wishes to Manju to achieve what she desires.

Contact Details:
Name: Manju Ramdas Ambarwar
Address: Telang Takali, Taluka Kelapur, Dist Yavatmal, Maharashtra – 445302.

Jai Bharat!

Source: Indian Express story

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Farmer’s “Right To Decide Price”

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 24th July 2011

I’ve always been wondering about the way prices are decided for farm produces. I’m a farmer’s son and have witnessed the helplessness of the farmer very closely when some people decide the price for the produce bellow expectation/production cost. So by selling their produce at lower cost they incur heavy losses. Forget about profits it becomes very difficult even to recover investment cost, and self labor cost.

Just consider this for a while, you are working at some place and the compensation you receive is not even able to cover your costs of basic needs then how long would you prefer to be at that work without any hope? Whenever you go for interview you people first talk about the salary; negotiate and then only agree to work together. But when it comes to farmer’s produce all but they can decide their produce pricing.

Whats the solution? If we can have “Right to Education”, “Right to Information”, “Right to Freedom”, “Right to Expression” etc. Why not “Farmer’s Right to Decide Price”.

It ain’t a big expectation since all big business houses enjoy this liberty. Take example of Coca-cola, Colgate, Ponds, Lux, Reboke, Nike, Tatas, Ambani, etc. Whats the difference between these big business houses and small farmers (though I don’t consider farming merely a business since it helps you live better, its a great service to human being)?

My expectation is simple: “Farmers Right to Decide Price must be recognized”.

What right does govt have in fixing price for my produce? If they feel certain class is not able to eat that food due to price they can subsidies them directly but must refrain from controlling prices of my produce. Surprisingly they don’t control prices for the produce/service of the big business houses. E.g. recently de-controlled petroleum prices.

P.S. I know my English skills are average but I hope I’ve clearly said whats rightly mine.

Jai Bharat!

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Disaster in waiting

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 13th June 2011

Andhra Pradesh farmers threaten to go on crop holiday.

“There is no MSP(minimum support price). Suicide is the only other option. We have nothing to invest,” said another farmer.

This is disaster in waiting. Wake up now for be ready to be slaves at the hands of food growing nations.

“When there is a market for international exports, I don’t understand why the Government is hesitating to let the poor farmers benefit?” said Indian Consortium of Farmers Secretary Chengal Reddy.

This clearly indicates the government (UPA especially Congress) apathy towards the agriculture.

Jai Bharat!

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