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Appeal to Activists of Swadeshi Movement – Bharat

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 19th October 2012

मराठी मध्ये वाचा

I would appeal to all supporters and activists of “Buy Swadeshi Movement” to take this fight to market and raise challenge through competition (with better quality and cost-effective products) instead of making emotional appeal. Since, emotive appeals wont lead Swadesh to prosperity instead that will be counter-effective for this very important movement. Emotions cant substitute economic activity or prosperity neither it can replace the basic needs, it would at the most distract the movement.

I would love to buy and promote Swadeshi products if an only if it is value for my money and is better in quality than any other product or at least is competitive enough. Then I think such enterprise and their products will become more successful compared any non-deshi company and their products since there will be the USP to it i.e. its ‘Swadeshi’. And lets pledge that we would be loyal to the concepts of economy that our Chanakya left for us about 2400 years ago.

The path that Patanjali Ayurved chose to promote Swadeshi is very inspiring. The way it has captured the imagination of country and became one of the big competitors for all MNCs in consumer daily products segment (MNC isn’t just a foreign company there are ‘Swadeshi’ too). But we need to remember that profits are not bad and has to be earned to promote any activity sustainably.

This passive opposition would lead us nowhere bust just to self decimation and continued third-world status. And certainly that’s not the goal of Swadeshi movement, right? We need prosperity, better opportunities, more competition to prove that we can bring back the glory that our ancestors had left for us. Yes we can become most productive and prosperous country of the world if we genuinely follow basic principles of economy presented by Chanakya with modern theories in mind. Chanakya’s economic sutras rendered a largest known and most prosperous Bharat. We were richest in the world till 17th century with 25% contribution to world economy. (GDP graph Courtesy: Visualizing Economics). Today our contribution to world GDP is just 5%. We need to free ourselves from the shackles of socialism since it has done more bad to us than any good.

Join Freedom Team of Bharat!

Jay Bharat

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