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Sunanda Pushkar death mystery

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 9th October 2014

Sunanda Pushkar Death Mystery

Source: Kartikeya Sharma twits

NewsX Editor Shri Kartikeya Sharma disclosed some important documents pertaining to Sunanda Pushkar Death Mystery. As per the report she died due to poisoning.

Sunanda Pushkar alleged that:


“People trying to bring down MP using paki journo who lost her job and trying with everyone including Omar”

“Whenever I try to speak about Kashmir and infiltration, Shashi Tharoor is asked to sambhalo me.”

Here is related post containing her tweets.

Kartikeya Sharma twitted some pages from report. The report points out that she was healthy, had no ailment. She died from poisoning. Here are the links to his twits. twit1 twit2 twit3 teit4 twit5

This report clearly states that she was poisoned and the investigation must be done. Sunanda Pushkar’s death due to poison should be investigated.

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Government, Farmers and That FDI [My tweets]

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 15th September 2012


Here are some facts about the retailers in the world and my doubts about FDI in retail.

Jay Bharat!

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Eating cooked food is 11000 year old in Bharat

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 3rd August 2011

…Thanks to twitter friend Manas for posting this on his status and thanks to The Pioneer for covering the story.

An interesting research by Bharatiy scientists proved that our history books need a rewrite. With the help of computer software they plotted the dates mentioned in the scriptures and verified the authenticity of the scriptures.

Some of the findings in short:

  • Indo-Aryan invasion theory is a myth. Indo-Aryan invasion theory refuted by many high-profile people before.
  • Evidence of our culture dates back more than 8000 years.
  • Thousands year ago people prayed the same way we do today.
  • Diwali and Janmashthami are celebrated since time immemorial.
  • Many ancient towns are lying submerged under see. e.g. Dwaraka.
  • Genetic profile of Bharatiy and European people do not match.
  • Development in language and eating cooked food started more than 11000 years ago.
  • Ecological references and varieties of cultivated plants, trees and herbs mentioned in Vedas and epics have existed in Bharat for more than 10,000 years.

This clearly means that 1000 years of invasions have cost us terrifically. British education system brainwashed us since their rule. They had this agenda to create slaves through education system in which they succeeded with the help of few greedy locals.

Invaders attacked our cultural centers. They demeaned our culture and education using barbaric and treacherous ways. Time to reclaim lost glory.

Jai Bharat!

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If you can live with Resources of Land then you can also understand Culture & Language

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 14th June 2011

Excellent and very interesting step by Karnataka Govt.

Source : Banglore Mirror

If you are new to Bangalore and dreaming of settling down here, you will have to pass the Std VII exam in less than one year and prove that you can read and write Kannada.

The Kannada Development Authority (KDA) has recommended that the state government bring out a legislation to get non-Kannadigas in Karnataka to clear the basic Kannada examinations. The KDA, headed by MLC ‘Mukhyamantri’ Chandru, submitted its recommendations to the state government on Monday.

Chandru explained, “With several IT companies and MNCs coming to Karnataka, lakhs of non-Kannadigas have settled in the state. If they could live with the land, water, air and other resources of the land, they should also understand the culture, history and language of the land.

“Hence, we have recommended that learning Kannada be made mandatory. All non-Kannadigas who have been living in Karnataka have to learn Kannada and clear at least the Std VII Kannada exam in one year’s time.

“Besides, the government should arrange for online Kannada learning centres to reach out to the tech population among non-Kannadigas.”

The KDA has also recommended takeover of all palm scriptures currently possessed by various citizens and declare them as government property.

This apart, the KDA wants the state government to direct all telecom service providers in Karnataka to use Kannada software in mobile phones.

Chief minister B S Yeddyurappa said, “All the recommendations would further develop the language. The government will implement the recommendations on priority basis at the earliest.”

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Sonia Gandhi scared of Narendra Modi?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 7th May 2011

I’m reproducing the story from DNA. Francois Gautier is sharing his viewpoint on why Caesar’s wife is afraid. Read it yourself in my way of writing. I’ve written it in point based format with emphasis and additional links.

**************** Why is Sonia Gandhi so scared of Naredra Modi? ****************

1. Congress Party trying to kill Jan Lokpal Movement.

I’d strong feeling and I said it on twitter:

2. Congress Party is not only recipient but also has actually institutionalised corruption.
3. Sonia and Manmohan Singh are throwing decoys of “Zero tolerance to corruption”
4. They are hell bent on preserving corrupt, untruthful and inefficient e.g. Karunanidhi family

Not just Karunanidhi family.

Because maybe the congress party receives kickbacks.

5. Sonia has been on personal vendetta against Gijrat CM Narendra Modi.
6. Teesta Setalvad has played a role of useful tool for Sonia. Its discovered now that Teesta bribed witnesses, filed false affidavits and committed repeated perjuries in court.
7. Now Sanjiv Bhat is taking Teesta’s place.

Even Gujrat congress leaders skipped the “Swarnim Gujrat” celebrations.

8. They have subverted investigative instruments. Like they go after Modi alone but others are left once public forgets.
9. CBI requested judiciary to drop case against Jagdish Tytler, who was seen by innumerable witnessed leading mobs to murder sikhs.
10. CBI removed red corner against Quatrochi in bofors case, Lalu Yadav was allowed to loot and keep Bihar in most desolute state because he was an ally
11. Rajiv Gandhi let go Andrson, main accused, in Bhopal case.
12. Rajiv eliminated Khalistani seperatist leaders and he was louded but when Soharabuddin, wanted in 5 states in various 40 cases (Rajsthan govt had price on him), was killed central govt implicates Gujrat? Soharabuddin had 40 AK-47, many live hand grenades at his home.

Why so much for a terrorist? No its not because he is Muslim but because there is an opportunity to malign Gujrat govt.

13. Gujrat is most lawful and least corrupt state which is praised by like of Ratan Tata, read here.

By the way its not only media which is praising Modiji; one of my colleague, from Gujrat, has been cherishing growing Gujrat and she says she isn’t a fan of Modiji but he is doing exceptional job

14. Gujrat riots were triggered becasue “57 Hindus, 36 of them innocent women and children, burnt alive in Sabaramati express”. This fact is carefully omitted to implicate Narendra Modi.

This is not justification for any wrong doing. But you cant have two rules for same crime. Let the court do its job and then come to conclusion. This is media and opposition trial because Modiji played development politics unlike any other opposition. And congress do not have any foothold in Gujrat due to widespread development in Gujrat.

15. If Modiji could have done this then why would people of Gujrat voted him twice to the power and everytime with clearer majority. Infact Congress is feeling like they will be extinct if Modi continues.
17. Narendra Modi is the toughest challenge for Rahul Gandhi becoming PM and Sonia is trying her level best to eliminate him.
18. Sonia has achieved terrifying power. A glance of her, a silence, just being there, is enough for her inner circle to act.

Jai Bharat!

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Ban Endosulfan

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 4th May 2011

This is second to the 2 post series. (Continuing from Endosulfan Saga) I’ll take you to why to ban endosulfan.

What happened in Kerala?

Abnormalities due to endosulfan

  • Endosulfan use started in the year 1976, till 2001.
  • Its used for spraying on cashew nuts plantation since 1976.
  • In 1979, a farmer began to suspect that the pesticides
    being aerially sprayed in the plantation might have
    caused the deformities and stunted growth, which, he
    observed in 3 of his calves.
  • In 1997, a medical practitioner in one of the affected villages called the attention of the Indian Medical Association about the unusually large number of serious neurological, developmental, reproductive and other diseases, including cancer, that he had been seeing among his patients.
  • People in the plantation area face many issues such as congenital anomalies, physical deformities, mental retardation, and are frequently ill.
  • CSE (Center for Science and Environment India) found endosulfan residues in blood, water and other samples. The tests were done in Feb, 2001.
  • Fact-Finding mission also found the occurrence of these illness is due mainly to endosulfan.

What is the state now?


  • Endosulfan is banned in Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Gujrat Govt is doing its own assessment study.
  • Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar turned down the national level ban proposal.
  • AK Antony the then CM of Kerala was first to ban endosulfan in Kerala, 2001. But the after assuming the post of Union Defence Minister he withdrew his voice and support for ban.
  • Nearly 80 countries have banned the use of Endosulfan which includes European Union, USA, New Zealand, Australia.

What we can do?

Why should I support ban?

Because along with eco-system it can affect your health too.

  • By breathing air near where it has been sprayed.
  • Drinking water contaminated directly or through run-offs.
  • Being in contact with contaminated soil.
  • Eating contaminated food.
  • Smoking cigarettes made from endosulfan contaminated tobacco.
  • Working at endosulfan production centers.
  • Direct ingestion.

If you are still not sure please read more:

Note: all above documents are from highest authorities.
Please read and share this widely.
  • Lets throw out the chemical monster, endosulfan, before it engulfs our environment.
  • Lets clean and protect the environment.
  • Lets get back to roots like pointReturn in community way.

Jai Bharat!

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