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National Reform Summit Invitation

Posted by Sandeep Shelke (संदीप शेळके) on 10th March 2013


Dear Friend

We all recognise the desperate need to reform India’s governance. We also know that politicians aren’t listening to us: the People. They are not implementing well-known reforms which are guaranteed to increase prosperity and remove corruption.

Therefore, a few deeply concerned citizens launched the Sone Ki Chidiya total reform movement on 26 January 2013. As part of this movement, we are organising a National Reform Summit in Haridwar from 5-8 April 2013. Details are at

I am writing to invite you to participate in this reform movement and the Summit. We can’t afford to wait for politicians to fix India’s problems, for they themselves are the problem. Let’s reform India ourselves!

The task is difficult but not impossible. It will begin by coming together on a common vision. We are beginning to see real hope for the first time in our lives that something good might finally happen. Let’s make this hope come true by participating in a total reform movement that has been created for all Indians.

Please forward this email as widely as possible within your network of Indian contacts so that India’s best reform-oriented leaders and citizens are able to attend. Also please disseminate this on social media and through any other means at your disposal. We should aim to reach out to every nook and corner of India.

Jai Bharat!

Sanjeev Sabhlok, PhD (Economics)
Former member of the IAS (1982 batch)
Joint Convenor, National Reform Summit
Sone Ki Chidiya Movement

PS: Please join this Google Group: to directly discuss next steps with others interested in total reform in India.


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Request for blessings for FTI’s proposed policy writing competition

Posted by Sandeep Shelke (संदीप शेळके) on 22nd October 2012

मराठी मध्ये

Dear Bharatiya,

The Freedom Team of Bharat (FTI) proposes to conduct an all-Bharat policy writing competition. We need to raise Rs. 5 lakhs, of which (mostly) FTI members have already raised Rs. 95,000 in the last three days.

The details of the funding request have been announced here:

At this stage we are only seeking commitments, not actual funds.

We invite you to put your blessings into this little project. FTI is keen to build democratic capital. We don’t think anyone should contribute more than Rs.30,000. This is about ownership of a new, different Bharat. If you are happy to contribute a small amount, please let me know.

Please also circulate the link provided above post to your colleagues and friends.

Jay Bharat!

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शेकडो टन कांदा विकणे आहे

Posted by Sandeep Shelke (संदीप शेळके) on 15th September 2012

माझ्या गावातील शेकडो टन कांदा विकत घेण्यासाठी हॉटेल, खानावळी, कांदा प्रक्रिया, कांदा वितरक अशा आदी सर्व व्यावसायिकांना कांदा खरेदीसाठी खुले निमंत्रण. शेतकऱ्यांना आपला माल शक्य तेवढ्या लवकर विकायचा आहे.

मी कांदा खरेदीदारांना विनम्र आव्हाहन करतो कि जर तुम्हाला कांदा विकत घ्यायचा असेल तर त्वरित संपर्क साधावा. ई-मेल करा (krishidesh AT gmail COM) अथवा मला फोन करा ९०११९८२८२८ (संदीप शेळके).

चला एक पाऊल उचलून शेतकऱ्यांना त्यांचा माल खरेदी करून मदत करू आणि त्यांना कर्जबाजारी होण्यापासून वाचवू.

 जय भारत!

Invitation in English: Onion for sale

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