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Bangal the Ticking Time Bomb

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 28th October 2014

Bengal the ticking time bomb isn’t figment of imagination but a reality staring at us. Nation is waiting in denial with its head in sand for next Caliphate in Bengal. This trend is threatening all peace loving Bharatiy, it isn’t about peaceful ordinary people its about politically motivated violent terrorists the garb of religion. This is a fault-line. This is an emotional issue. And these emotions will be exploited by the terrorists. They start indoctrination at tender age and work to create zombies who would do anything for the sake of doctrine.

800 Bombs found in Bangal. 58 terror cells actively making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Women are being used to lead the terror cells. Hawala money is being channeled through Pakistan, Soudi, Bangladesh, etc…

Innocents will die like those in Iraq killed by ISIL, if this rampant radicalization isn’t checked in time. History repeats itself for those who forget it. Biggest threat is staring at face. Bangladesh had 25% Hindus in 1971. Today there are less than 8%.

All above data is captured from government sources and various reports. I tried to cross-check all information. If you find any discrepancy please raise it. Thanks.

Dont miss following work by Mayank Jain. It has lots of investigative information to shake us from denial.

Jai Bharat!!

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Maharashtra Roadtrip 2013

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 14th October 2014

Maharashtra Roadtrip 2013


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Sunanda Puskar death mystery and Silence of Modi Sarkar

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 21st September 2014

While AAP is wasting time and efforts for futile thing in Delhi. Another injustice (Sunanda Pushkar death)  is covered up. (Is AAP party to the game?)

courtesy: Indian Express http://images.indianexpress.com/2014/01/tharoorm3.jpg

Just some facts:
Sunanda Pushkar said:
“Mehr Tarar is an ISI agent. She is stalking Shashi Tharoor. Wants to life-long relationship”

“People trying to bring down MP using paki journo who lost her job and trying with everyone including Omar”

“Whenever I try to speak about Kashmir and infiltration, Shashi Tharoor is asked to sambhalo me.”

“I took upon myself the IPL saga to save his political career”

Mehr Tarar said:
“I’m deeply hurt.”
“My marriage at stake” blah….

Shashi Tharoor said:
“My twitter account was hacked”
Issued joint statement “We are happy together now”

Not just that,
Sunanda Pushkar was frantically trying to give an interview to all major channels & personalities including Rahul, Barkha etc and on the fateful day she had reached out to one and all to tell…

Within a day of this joint statement Sunanda Pushkar died.

Now Delhi Police gave clean chit to Shashi Tharoor even before any inquiry about the above statements which are of immense importance. But the person died and nobody bothered to question these bizarre unfolding of events. BJP, CONG, AAP, NCP all quietly enjoyed death of a high profile woman who issued very disturbing statement “An central minister having affair with pakistani journo who is an ISI agent”.

Initially doctors said visible injuries to her body, now they say those are not substantial. Anyway her body is cremated now so no proof.

Head of Forensic Department Dr Sudhir Gupta claimed that he was pressurised to doctor the autopsy report. And said her body had injection mark and she was poisoned to death.

And the then CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal did not even bother to talk about it.

And PM Narendra Modi made a comment “50-crore girlfriend” regarding Sunanda Pushkar. He hasn’t said anything about justice to her. Where is women’ empowerment. The society which can’t provide justice to such a high profile suspicious death, let alone poor ladies in those shackles.

Jai Bharat!

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Why I’ll vote for Shri Narendra Modi, this time?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 10th April 2014

Today we have 3 choices for General Election 2014:

1. Shri Rahul Gandhi led Congress

Bloody Congressi dynastic leaders and sycophants lynched us for 6 decades. I’m deeply pained. Anguished. Helpless. They used all possible tricks to retain the power. They killed Gandhi. They allowed killing of Bhagat Singh. They destroyed Savarkar. They killed Netaji. They killed Shastriji, Patel. They killed all those opposed them. Congressi are no lesser than the early barbaric invaders. They are even worse than colonist British. MK Gandhi cheated us. He is father of Congress and not nation.

And corruption is other story. They destroyed all institutions. Institutionalized corruption. Allowed only sycophants. Meritorious are deprived of any space. Meritocracy is taken over by sycophancy.

You can count scams for each alphabet from A to Z.

2. Shri Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadami Party

He started with Baba Ramdev’s support. Used RSS cadre to get attention initially. Then used Anna Hazare to get national limelight. Media helped IAC campaign to achieve popularity. Then he ditched Anna too. Formed political party. Said I’ll not take support from any political party on oath of own children. Then took you-turn and formed Delhi govt with Congress support. After forming govt he offered free water to those who has water connection. Which doesn’t real needy poor inhabitants, who doesn’t even have water connection. He offered free electricity for 4 months, why because there are national elections in 4 months time. He said don’t pay any pending electricity bills, while doing injustice to who regularly pay their dues. He then resigned over so hypothetical problem.  He used to say Corruption is biggest problem, now he says Communalism is biggest problem. Today he is fighting against Modi because corruptions isn’t a challenge anymore. Hence Sonia and all bigwigs of Congress go unopposed. His founding members are questioning his autocratic behavior and he don’t want to answer.

This guy took more u-turns than any politician in the world. Worst than congress.

3. Shri Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party

Led Gujarat success story for over a decade. Came clean on charges of communalism. Proved that he can lead the country. He gives us hope. He doesn’t talk about religion, caste, region. He talks only about development. He is asking for 60 months. People said he won’t get allies. All allies are leaving him. Well all proved wrong. He attracted more allies than BJP had before him. He has consolidated and continues to consolidate all pro-development citizens. In whole campaign he did not invoke religion to seek votes. While Shmt Sonia Gandhi, principal opponent, is neck deep in seeking communal consolidation.

My verdict:

Shri Narendra Modi must be given a chance; as he has proven track record and vision for development.

Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkar!! Sadda Haq!!

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Wah re wah democracy

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 15th February 2014

Muslim power brokers:

As per this report: The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is preparing advisory for muslims for defeating BJP and allies in all 543 Loksabha seats for General Election 2014.

The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is currently preparing an extensive advisory to guide Muslim voters across most of the Lok Sabha’s 543 constituencies. It will be released before the next elections to help Muslim voters decide the best way to utilise their vote in defeating the BJP and its allies. Jamaat volunteers and its affiliate outfits, such as its student, women and youth wings, would be pressed into disseminating the message among Muslims so that “secular” candidates may enter the Lok Sabha.

Are Muslims herds that they would forsake their freedom to choose by following such divisive and destructive guidelines?

Hindu Power Brokers:

And as per this reportSubramanian Swamy says Hindus must vote enmasse for BJP for General Election 2014.

“It is time Hindus unanimously cast their votes to save India and Hinduism. Muslims and Christians unitedly cast their votes to candidates fielded and approved by their respective clergies. Time has come for the Hindus to vote for candidates who openly declare that they would protect Sanatana Dharma and Indian nationalism,”

And these are the people who swear by constitution. Shame.

I, an free Hindu, do not need any sermon to chose my representative. If tomorrow APJ Kalam is candidate will I chose anyone else?

And now agree to the note by Sameer Panje
“the government is a natural magnet for all kinds of power brokers. And the power brokers of organised religion are the worst of the lot”

I will work my life to keep free men free.

Jai Bharat!

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काही निवडक रचना ई-पुस्तिका म्हणून प्रकाशित

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 9th February 2014

माझ्या आजपर्यंतच्या काही निवडक रचना ज्यांना मी कविता समजतो त्या संकलित करून ई-पुस्तिका म्हणून प्रकाशित केले आहे.

काही रचना

[Right click and select save link as]

मला कधी-कधी शब्द सुचतात आणि त्यांना मी कविता म्हणण्याचे धाडस करतोय. परंतु मी स्वतःला कवी म्हणवत नाही अशी प्रांजळ कबुली देतो. जे काही सुचते ते सभोवतालची परिस्थिती त्यातून निर्माण होणाऱ्या भावना ह्यांना शब्दरूप देण्याचा एक प्रयत्न, एवढंच.

काही रचना माझ्या नसून त्या इथे नमूद केल्या आहेत आणि तसा नामोल्लेख सुद्धा आहे.

हयातील सगळ्या रचना ह्या कृषीदेश वरती वेगवेगळ्या वेळी प्रकाशित केल्या आहेत. तसेच प्रत्येक रचेनेचे शीर्षक त्याच्या मूळ पानाशी दुव्यारुपी जोडलेले आहे.

रचनांची सूची 


जिथे मन भयमुक्त आहे आणि माथा उंचावलेला आहे

छोड़ दो उन गलियारों को

विश्वाची चिंता मज सतावते

हा देश कोणाचा आणि इथली मानसं आहेत तरी कोण

आली आली आळसावलेली दुपार

काही चूक आढळ्यास कृषीदेश वरती लिहावे अथवा Twitter मार्फत सुचवावे.

आभारी आहे.

– संदीप शेळके

तुमची प्रत इथून डोउनलोड  करा.

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