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Bangal the Ticking Time Bomb

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on October 28th, 2014

Bengal the ticking time bomb isn’t figment of imagination but a reality staring at us. Nation is waiting in denial with its head in sand for next Caliphate in Bengal. This trend is threatening all peace loving Bharatiy, it isn’t about peaceful ordinary people its about politically motivated violent terrorists the garb of religion. This is a fault-line. This is an emotional issue. And these emotions will be exploited by the terrorists. They start indoctrination at tender age and work to create zombies who would do anything for the sake of doctrine.

800 Bombs found in Bangal. 58 terror cells actively making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Women are being used to lead the terror cells. Hawala money is being channeled through Pakistan, Soudi, Bangladesh, etc…

Innocents will die like those in Iraq killed by ISIL, if this rampant radicalization isn’t checked in time. History repeats itself for those who forget it. Biggest threat is staring at face. Bangladesh had 25% Hindus in 1971. Today there are less than 8%.

All above data is captured from government sources and various reports. I tried to cross-check all information. If you find any discrepancy please raise it. Thanks.

Dont miss following work by Mayank Jain. It has lots of investigative information to shake us from denial.

Jai Bharat!!

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    Yes I will support you…

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