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Sunanda Puskar death mystery and Silence of Modi Sarkar

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 21st September 2014

While AAP is wasting time and efforts for futile thing in Delhi. Another injustice (Sunanda Pushkar death)  is covered up. (Is AAP party to the game?)

courtesy: Indian Express http://images.indianexpress.com/2014/01/tharoorm3.jpg

Just some facts:
Sunanda Pushkar said:
“Mehr Tarar is an ISI agent. She is stalking Shashi Tharoor. Wants to life-long relationship”

“People trying to bring down MP using paki journo who lost her job and trying with everyone including Omar”

“Whenever I try to speak about Kashmir and infiltration, Shashi Tharoor is asked to sambhalo me.”

“I took upon myself the IPL saga to save his political career”

Mehr Tarar said:
“I’m deeply hurt.”
“My marriage at stake” blah….

Shashi Tharoor said:
“My twitter account was hacked”
Issued joint statement “We are happy together now”

Not just that,
Sunanda Pushkar was frantically trying to give an interview to all major channels & personalities including Rahul, Barkha etc and on the fateful day she had reached out to one and all to tell…

Within a day of this joint statement Sunanda Pushkar died.

Now Delhi Police gave clean chit to Shashi Tharoor even before any inquiry about the above statements which are of immense importance. But the person died and nobody bothered to question these bizarre unfolding of events. BJP, CONG, AAP, NCP all quietly enjoyed death of a high profile woman who issued very disturbing statement “An central minister having affair with pakistani journo who is an ISI agent”.

Initially doctors said visible injuries to her body, now they say those are not substantial. Anyway her body is cremated now so no proof.

Head of Forensic Department Dr Sudhir Gupta claimed that he was pressurised to doctor the autopsy report. And said her body had injection mark and she was poisoned to death.

And the then CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal did not even bother to talk about it.

And PM Narendra Modi made a comment “50-crore girlfriend” regarding Sunanda Pushkar. He hasn’t said anything about justice to her. Where is women’ empowerment. The society which can’t provide justice to such a high profile suspicious death, let alone poor ladies in those shackles.

Jai Bharat!

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