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I’m no more member of FTI (Freedom Team of India)

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on April 26th, 2014

Dear Friends,

I resigned as member of Freedom Team of India From 20 September 2013. I could not stand by few high-handed unilateral decisions. I was in FTI for its principles and not for A or B person. And I failed to convince others to undo unilateral decisions. Hence resigned.

I’m recording here for the purpose of reference. It was a mistake on my side not to declare it publicly. Though I mentioned in few posts on facebook and twitter, but those were comments and no declaration.

I still support FTI and have not joined any other platform/political party. Hence any link to FTI from my pages would remain intact as being supported of FTI, for its principles.

Jai Bharat!

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