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I dream of planting 10Lakh trees in draught prone areas of Maharashtra

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on January 29th, 2013

There are numerous places in Maharashtra where the draught has become an routinely affair now. Every few years it returns people start looking towards sky and government. To which sky, sometimes, answers, since it is capable; but government always fails because they are unprepared, dont know what to do and even aren’t willing to do.

What to do? I took upon an experiment of artificial rainfall in my village during 14-19 August 2012. Only to avail no results. I won’t say it failed, but I learned that ‘the end moment heroics doesn’t save sinking ship, it just raises the hope’. Upon putting more thought into the problem, I realized that wherever there are more trees and residual water the rainfall is higher.

So simple, right? Eureka. Now, started thinking about planting trees all of a sudden to which my friend, Sandeep Gaiwad, added fuel by sharing this video.

Now I’m dreaming of planting 10Lakh(1 million) trees in draught prone areas of Maharashtra to start with. I don’t know where to start? Where it will lead? But I’m sure that, at least, I’ll plant some trees wherever possible. I dream of green and liveable Bharat. I dream of prosperous and free Bharat. I dream of making Bharat a place was know in history for its wealth and might.

I’m inspired by Chipko Movement too. Must read it.

So I created some pages on Intent and Posibl to attract more and more like minded people.

If you like the idea please share views, alternatives and all possible information which can help in this endeavour.

Jay Bharat!


2 Responses to “I dream of planting 10Lakh trees in draught prone areas of Maharashtra”

  1. Manoj Says:

    can we talk, my no is ….
    Moderated to hide the contact number.

  2. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:

    Sure. I’ll call you.

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