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Open Letter to PM (Protectors Became Predators)

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on January 26th, 2013

मराठीमध्ये येथे वाचा

Congress Lead Central Govt,

Respected Prime Minister,

It seems you have lost the sense of responsibility by looking at your and your government’s response to the incidences in recent few years. I’m taking this effort to remind your basic responsibilities.

Works you are appointed for:
1. Protecting freedom of speech, movement and profession of your citizens
2. Delivering equal justice to all citizens
3. Securing your citizens life and property from internal and external enemy
4. Ensuring equal opportunity for all citizens (by developing basic infrastructure)
And along with that answering all questions by your citizens and presenting expenditure reports to them.

You took the oath to carry out all your responsibilities with all loyalty but, regrettably,  you could not deliver even one of them. Here are few examples for your information, if you are not sure what I’m talking about.

1. According to some of your rules your people arrested a young cartoonist for drawing a cartoon, no action against those who arrested him.
2. There was loss of life and property of the people who migrated from other parts to Assam and Maharashtra, here also no action against the perpetrators.
3. Forget about equal justice you didn’t even dismiss/expel those who looted the national exchequers.
4. There is rampant atrocities against women across the nation including, shamefully, the capital of the nation, frauds, cheating is endless and what is your response to it? Nothing, instead your colleagues started creating controversies by spreading lies about that subject leaving citizens with dismay and discontent.
5. Some terrorists crossed the border and wrecked havoc in nation, what did you do? Instead you started cricket diplomacy. Shame.
6. Not just that soldiers of that country killed our soldiers brutally and took away head of one of the soldiers, leaving whole country deep anger and helplessness. But your colleagues advised us not to get involve into jingoism. Without stopping there they grew their rhetoric by saying we have greater threat from opposition political party. What did you do?
7. In such circumstances instead of worrying about safety and security of citizens Home Minister made baseless allegation that Hindu/Saffron terrorism is growing. Really, Hindu Terrorism? If that’s the truth then 80% of the Hindu population would have created havoc in whole world. In this way he started abusing the most secular and tolerant people of the world.
8. Rural population is dying for a drop of water while huge water wastage observed widely in many cities. What steps did you take?
9. The quality education and reliable health-care is still a dream for common citizens, what did you do? You launched new schemes, without accountability, to create new lawns for rampant corruption. On top of that you forget them very conveniently.
10. If any citizen asks questions or demands accounts to you or your government, then citizens get bullied, harassed by income tax department or arrested. Are you elected to let your government be vindictive seeking revenge?
11. A citizen arrested on Saturday mid-night and then tortured and physically abused in an illegal custody. Why? Because, his brother, a senior advocate, is fighting a case against government in Supreme Court;

Now after all these mistakes, deliberate or unknowingly, why you be allowed to continue in office? Why you not be charged with breaking trust and disrespecting constitution and sovereignty of citizens?

And remember don’t ever think who is this person to teach me my job? I’m, your master, a sovereign citizen of this nation. You can’t challenge my authority.

Jay Bharat!

– An awakened citizen.

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