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Rape, a social issue? No! Its government failure.

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on January 12th, 2013

In 1971 rape cases were 2,487 and those in 2011 were 24,206. Population of Bharat in 1971 was 54,81,60,050(54.81 Crores) and in 2011 was 1,21,01,93,422 (121.01 Crores).

i.e. 0.0004537% women were rape victims in 1971 which means there was average 1 rape victim in 2,48,600 people. Which has grown to 0.002000176% women in 2011 means on an average 1 rape victim in 50000. A jump in rape crime by 5 times in 4 decades.

What the hell is happening? Where are we heading?

Why this society is deteriorating (I don’t think my society is deteriorating but few media divas feel so)?

I think it’s the governance failure. I think the law machinery isn’t natural, its biased. Takes hell lot of time to deliver justice and in process leaves victim to face the heat while accused is on bail.

It’s the government and leadership failure. Law punishes drunken driving convict with 2 years imprisonment (while s/he can kill people on road). But punished the non-licensed (?)  liquor drinker with 7 years imprisonment (For drinking illegally, which is certainly less dangerous and drunken driving).

That’s the problem I’m talking about. We need to get rid of this governance failure and for sure rest of the things would fall in line. To achieve better and lean governance lets come together. http://freedomteam.in is the platform for those who can catalyse this change i.e. establish liberty.

Data source: NCRB

Jay Bharat!

3 Responses to “Rape, a social issue? No! Its government failure.”

  1. Ashish Says:

    Sandeep bhai,

    What do you think about America? Do you agree that they’ve stringent laws to prevent rape?

  2. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:


    No its not about stringent or any sort of laws alone. Its about implementation and I repeat ruthless implementation.
    Its possible only with right system. America or others I dont care, I care only about my nation and my people.

    If you ask me what is that right system, well we are working on it. please visit http://freedomteam.in

    Jay Bharat!

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