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I support ‘VISHWAROOPAM’ movie’s uncut release. PERIOD.

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 30th January 2013

I’ve not seen the movie ‘Vishwaroopam. But, I support the freedom of expression, peaceful, for all; that doesn’t mean I agree with what one says/does. Everybody is solely responsible for their acts.

Even if anybody creating art in bad taste, the viewer has the choice of ignoring it. That’s what is the meaning tolerance, which this land has protected for hundreds of years. Now we need to increase the liberty to atain the lost prosperity and freedom.

Say no to state terrorism.

Disgusting to see that an artist, like Kamal Hasan, being forced to leave the country. Are we really progressing? Do we really understand freedom of expression? Who are these thugs, goons to oppress any creative work/thought?

This is the land which gave birth an art like ‘Kamasutra’. This is the land which saw birth over a half a dozen religions.

Dr. Ambedkar rendered a constitution which ensures freedom of speech, expression and profession to every citizen irrespective of gender, creed, religion. And the intolerant fascist forces, which are really very few but united, are attempting to topple the very constitution itself. That is a challenge to sovereignty of this nation and to me it’s no lesser than an emergency. If some thugs are challenging the creative art by violent protests then police should arrest them, and courts should deliver the justice. But they all right to protest, peacefully, at designated public places while making sure not creating nuisance, disturbance to others.

I thought courts are here to upheld the constitution but they seem to have forgotten their job. What role does any court has in liaising? They have to deliver justice and that’s it. No moral policing at all.

But certainly leaving the nation isn’t a solution. Since, he is also part of this nation and should fight back.

SabhlokCity “While an analytic critique of a religion is fine, vilification and abuse of a religion is not.”

Join ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’ movement. Lets build the nation of our dreams. Lets restore the lost glory.

Jay Bharat!

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I dream of planting 10Lakh trees in draught prone areas of Maharashtra

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 29th January 2013

There are numerous places in Maharashtra where the draught has become an routinely affair now. Every few years it returns people start looking towards sky and government. To which sky, sometimes, answers, since it is capable; but government always fails because they are unprepared, dont know what to do and even aren’t willing to do.

What to do? I took upon an experiment of artificial rainfall in my village during 14-19 August 2012. Only to avail no results. I won’t say it failed, but I learned that ‘the end moment heroics doesn’t save sinking ship, it just raises the hope’. Upon putting more thought into the problem, I realized that wherever there are more trees and residual water the rainfall is higher.

So simple, right? Eureka. Now, started thinking about planting trees all of a sudden to which my friend, Sandeep Gaiwad, added fuel by sharing this video.

Now I’m dreaming of planting 10Lakh(1 million) trees in draught prone areas of Maharashtra to start with. I don’t know where to start? Where it will lead? But I’m sure that, at least, I’ll plant some trees wherever possible. I dream of green and liveable Bharat. I dream of prosperous and free Bharat. I dream of making Bharat a place was know in history for its wealth and might.

I’m inspired by Chipko Movement too. Must read it.

So I created some pages on Intent and Posibl to attract more and more like minded people.

If you like the idea please share views, alternatives and all possible information which can help in this endeavour.

Jay Bharat!


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I’m sharing all the posts on Tumblr too!

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 28th January 2013

Krishidesh on tumbler now. Happy reading. Continue your support as it is.


Jay Bharat!

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Dr Ambedkar’s speech – I

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 27th January 2013

I love the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s speech delivered at time of presenting the constitution to constituent assembly for voting on 25 November 1949.

I’ll present it bit by bit as time permits. Here is how he concluded his speech to adjourn the assembly and that defines who was the Dr Ambedkar, beloved Babasaheb.

…Independence is no doubt a matter of joy. But let us not forget that this independence has thrown on us great responsibilities. By independence, we have lost the excuse of blaming the British for anything going wrong. If hereafter things go wrong, we will have nobody to blame except ourselves. There is great danger of things going wrong.

Times are fast changing. People including our own are being moved by new ideologies. They are getting tired of Government by the people. They are prepared to have Governments for the people and are indifferent whether it is Government of the people and by the people. If we wish to preserve the Constitution in which we have sought to enshrine the principle of Government of the people, for the people and by the people, let us resolve not to be tardy in the recognition of the evils that lie across our path and which induce people to prefer Government for the people to Government by the people, nor to be weak in our initiative to remove them.

That is the only way to serve the country. I know of no better.

Jay Bharat!

Source: Parliament of Bharat


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Few are angry about birds, making more angry birds

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 27th January 2013

Birds: In college student’s world ‘bird watching’ is favourite pass time. So all those who attended college know what are ‘birds’ and where to go them watching.

Jokes apart, but those very women are threatened in this modern world by certain maniacs, and cowards; and we have to fight it out by strengthening women’s hands to counter the physical and mental assault on them. We have assure them our support and all the help needed and it has to start from our own family.

So here are some male counterparts who are angry about these ‘birds‘ and want to clip off their wings, which is rendering more angry birds:

  • Some asking them to forbid certain dressing sense
  • Some demanding restriction to their movement
  • Some even want to them to give up mobile phones
  • some go to extent of threatening them if they are seen with male friend/colleague
  • Some want them to make brothers from offenders while chanting mantras to save their dignity
  • Some feel they are given unnecessary freedom
  • Some believe their existence is for remaining within the four walls

Why these people are angry about their own people, without whom this society wouldn’t even exist?

I think of following are the reasons for the anger and opposition to them from male counterparts:

  1. Their growing strength
  2. Their increasing influence in all matters
  3. Their demand for equality
  4. Their changing attitude towards counterparts
  5. Their increased self-respect and self-esteem

All power to them, girls/women. I support their freedom of expression, movement, and profession. Its their rights, human rights, to live the way they want, with accountability for their actions.

Constitution of Bharat has enshrined these are rights and no one can take it away or be allowed to.

Here, I pledge to help make girls in my family capable of self defence and finance.

Jay Bharat!

P.S. Birds should not be seen in derogatory means. What I mean by a ‘bird’ is free, self-esteemed, capable soul.

Read: Open letter to PM(Protectors Became Predators)Rape, a social issue? No!, its government failure.


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Sone Ki Chidiya (सोने की चिड़िया) movement

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 26th January 2013

Reproducing from Sanjeev Sabhlok’s Revolutionaty Blog

Everything must start with an idea.ftilogo-new-300x183

Some time ago it became evident that we needed a new wholistic (not just anti-corruption) movement for reform in India. It had to capture the aspirations of India, and not just be “anti-” this or “anti-” that.

There had to be a positive goal attached to the movement.

Therefore, after much thinking and discussion, FTI’s new logo (Sone Ki Chidiya) was developed as the title for a possible new movement.

Today that movement has been launched, like a “diya” launched on the Ganga. Attached to that is a draft vision, which will be significantly refined in the coming weeks.

The idea has evolved into a small website, and we are hoping to hold a summit in April to discuss the precise reform pathway with anyone who is interested.

Those interested in taking this forward may wish to follow the guidance given at the website.

One of the key factors in favour of this title for the movement was Swami Ramdev’s personal request to me, a month ago in Haridwar, to use FTI’s Sone Ki Chidiya logo on his own vision document released (printed 100,000 copies) last month.

Here is the website. Please visit it. http://sonekidichiya.in/.

The image below shows the use of Sone Ki Chidiya logo in Swamiji’s vision for India.

(You can also, if you wish, download the Bharat Swabhiman vision document – in Hindi – about 7MB. Some of the points in this vision have been included into the SKC draft vision, which will be improved considerably in the coming weeks through extensive review/ discussion/ consultation).

Find original post here.

जय भारत!

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