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Archive for October 17th, 2012

Dear PM I demand immediate ARREST of Salman Khurshid

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 17th October 2012

I came across these news items (New low: Salman Khurshid threatens Arvind Kejriwal and ‘Kejriwal can enter Farrukhabad, how will he return’?) and found myself dumbfounded. I really have no words to explain outrage and the angst against the people whom this country elected as care takers.

This is certainly not the situation which we all dreamt of. We really don’t want our law minister to threaten an activist, for questioning and exposing the scams by his government or organization. Our Law Minister Shri Salman Khurshid threatened Shri. Arvind Kejriwal “You will come to my constituency farukhabad but how will you return back?” and then went on to say that “I was given pen as Law minister, but the time has come to replace ink with blood”. The character of people’s representative has touched a new low today.

All this while we saw supporters of politicians would threaten the commoners and politicians would distance themselves at least in public. But today all trust has been breached by our servant. And common people are left with no credible and safe option amidst this scams, threats, and mud-slinging.

I demand an immediate arrest of Shri Salman Khurshid before he create and law and order problem for mere scam allegations against him. He has openly threatened an sovereign citizen of Bharat and in the national interest he must be removed as minister and then arrested.

I have few questions in my mind:

– Why Mr Minister is so insecure that he wants to harm an activist physically?
– Why is he provoking the mob by saying “time to replace ink with blood”?
– Are the elections this year at Gujrat, Haryana and the approaching general elections 2014 making him nervous?
– Would he want to turn this personal scam allegation into communal fight?
– Is he planning to turn an scam allegation into community tension?

Shri Salman Khurshid said sometime back in a press conference that “I’m an oxfard graduate, I’m a law minister” while defending this trust and himself in graft charge. He said “if media is questioning the alleged wrong-doings and demanding investigation then media should be investigated along”. This all just proves what Shri Robert Vadera said “This is a banana republic of mango people”. Earlier he even went on to claim on camera that he is willing to die for Shmt Sonia Gandhi. And today he used the language of a roadside ‘Tapori'(Goon) for threatening the activists who is exposing the alleged scams.

Shame on such politician for whom a political master is important than the nation. Shame that the Shri Manmohan Singh, PM whose office hurriedly defended Sonia Gandhi’s foreign trips, has no time to talk to citizens about his own colleagues misbehaviour and assure us that we are safe. Shame on Sonia Gandhi that she rose to defend her DAMAD but has no interest in national affairs and cleaning the corruption while leading the largest political outfit.

Enough is enough! We need political reforms. Join Freedom Team of Bharat! for better and prosperous Bharat. Join us for free and truly democratic Bharat.

Jay Bharat!

Disclaimer: I do not support Arvind Kejriwal. Its my support for his safety and security while doing what he feels is correct while being his constitutional limits. This post in anyway is not support views and work of Shri Arvind Kejriwal.

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Online Voter Registration System – Bharat

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 17th October 2012

Election Commission of Bharat has introduced a system to register the voters online. It is pretty simple to use the system.

भारतीय चुनाव आयोग – नागरी सुविधा

1. Click on the link above.

2. Select the link option “New User Registration”.

3. Enter your mobile number(Give personal number) as userid and your functional email id.

4. Then click on “Register” button.

5. Wait till the system sends an code through SMS to your mobile number (it takes at max 15 minutes).

6. Enter the code, received through SMS, in the text field and then click “Verify” to continue.

7. You will see following window as dashboard.

8. To register your name in electoral rolls, change address/name/constituency, remove name select the third option on the header “Submit New Application For Inclusion/Deletion/Modification in E-Roll”

9. Now select your state, then district and then assembly. (Assembly is the lowest denominator to segregate the voters in nation)

10. Then click “Submit” button.

11. You will see five various forms to choose from. Select one appropriately.

Form6 – Apply for including new voter

Form6A – Apply for including new voter (Bharatiy non-resident)

From7 – Apply an objection to an entry or deletion of an entry

Form8 – Apply for correction to an entry in electoral roll

Form8A – Apply for shifting the name from one assembly to another

12. Before you submit make sure that you have an passport size photograph scanned and an identity proof copy scanned

13. Do not forget to note down the new application id and concerned ERO name and number (Appears on upper right hand corner after submitting the form).

14. When you submit the application print an copy for your form.

15. If needed sign and dispatch it through post to ERO.

Jay Bharat!


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कृषी नियतकालिकं यादी

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 17th October 2012

सूचना: खालील नियतकालिकांची यादी हि पूर्ण नाही. तसेच दिलेला क्रम हा गुणवत्ता दर्शक नसून केवळ अनुक्रमांक आहे. आभार 

अ.क्रं. नियतकालिक संपर्क क्रमांक शहर पत्ता संकेतस्थळ
अग्रोवन ०२३०-२४६८३८३/८४ कोल्हापूर सकाळ पेपर्स मर्या, डी४, एमआयडीसी,
शिरोली, कोल्हापूर – ४१६१२२
आधुनिक किसान 8087066696/


पुणे 3-4 संगम कमर्शिअल कॉम्प्लेक्स, पुणे आरटीओजवळ
लोकराज्य ०२२-२२८८२८८८ मुंबई माहिती व जनसंपर्क महा संचालनालय,
नवीन प्रशासन भवन, मुंबई – ३२
अग्रो वार्ता ०७७२२०२५१४२ अहमदनगर  डब्ल्यू १६, एमआयडीसी,  सुपेकर कॅन्टीन जवळ, अहमदनगर – ४१४१११ agrowarta@gmail.com
आरसीएफ पत्रिका ०२२-२५५२३०७२/७३ मुंबई आरसीएफ, प्रियदर्शनी, आठवा मजला, सीआरएम
विभाग, पश्चिम एक्ष्प्रेस, सायन, मुंबई – २२
योजना ०२२-२७५६६५८२ नवी मुंबई बी विंग, केंद्रीय सदन, सेक्टर क्रमांक १०,
सीबीडी बेलापूर, नवी मुंबई–१४
शेतकरी ०२०-२५५३७३३१ पुणे कृषी आयुक्तालय, महाराष्ट्र राज्य कृषीभवन,
दुसरा मजला, शिवाजीनगर, पुणे – ०५
कृषीपणन ०२०-२४२६११९०/८२९७ पुणे महाराष्ट्र राज्य कृषीपणन मंडळ पुणे,
प्लॉट आर७, मार्केटयार्ड, गुलटेकडी, पुणे – ३७
अन्नदाता ०८४१५-२४६५५५ हैदराबाद युकेएमएल इमारत, दुसरा मजला,
रामोजी फिल्म सिटी, हैदराबाद – ५०१५१२
आदर्शगाव ०२०-२५५३७८६६ पुणे आदर्शगाव संकल्प व प्रकल्प समिती,
कृषीभवन, शिवाजीनगर, पुणे-५
धान्यलक्ष्मी ०२४०-२३२८३३८ औरंगाबाद श्री राजलक्ष्मी प्रकाशन, ६, विपुल अपा,
अपेक्स रुग्णालय, गादिया पार्क, औरंगाबाद
१० शरद कृषी ०२०-२५३३१२२ पुणे अ३, गुरुकृपा अपा, न.ता. वाडी,
शिवाजीनगर, पुणे – ५
११ शेतीप्रगती ०२३१-६४५४३२५ कोल्हापूर तेजस प्रकाशन, ट्रेड सेंटर, स्टे. रोड,
नवी शाहूपुरी, कोल्हापूर – ४१६००१
१२ उद्योजकता ०२४०-२३६१२२३ औरंगाबाद महाराष्ट्र उद्योजकता विकास केंद्र, अ३८,
एमआयडीसी, स्टे जवळ, औरंगाबाद – ५
१३ कृषी व्यासपीठ ०२०-२४४५२९३१ पुणे ४२८/क, मराठे पेलेस, शनिवार पेठ, पुणे – ३०
१४ बळीराजा ०२०-२४४७३२२५
पुणे बळीराजा कृषी विज्ञान प्रकाशन,१३८४,
शुक्रवार पेठ, बाजीराव रोड, पुणे – २
१५ महिला विकास ०२४१-३०९०५३३/
अहमदनगर महाराष्ट्र तांत्रिक शिक्षण मंडळ, आव्हाड इमारत,
ओबेरॉय हॉटेल समोर, सावेडी रोड, अहमदनगर-८
१६ किसान शक्ती ०२३१-२६९२१७१/
कोल्हापूर १४०३इ, शाहूनगर, राजारामपुरी, कोल्हापूर – ८ http://supplyindia.in/KISANSHAKTI8494
१७ गोडवा ०२०२४४२८५५५/५४


पुणे ५, तिसरा मजला, लक्ष्मीनारायण अपा,
लक्ष्मीनारायण थेटर जवळ, स्वारगेट, पुणे – ९
गोडवा मासिक

गोडवा प्रकाशन

१८ कृषी निर्णय ९८२२३४७३४८ अहमदनगर पत्रकार चौक, हनुमान मंदिराजवळ, चांदा
ता. नेवासा, जि. अहमदनगर – ४१४६०६
१९ आमची माती आमची माणसं ९२०९५९९६८६/


नाशिक साई टॉवर, १ ला मजला, वकीलवाडी, पो.बॉक्स.नं.२४, जिपीओ, नाशिक- १ www.amamindia.com


२० शेतीमित्र ०२१८४२२३३३६
बार्शी शेतकरी निवास, कृषी उत्पन्न बाजार समिती आवार, तुळजापूर रोड, बार्शी, जिल्हा सोलापूर – ४१३४०१ shetimitramagazine03@gmail.com
२१ वनराई ०२०-२४४२०३५१/
पुणे ४९८, अदित्य रेसिडेन्सी, मित्रमंडळ चौक, पर्वती, पुणे-०९ editor.vanarai@gmail.com


२२ किसानवाडी ९७६२६८५४९९
नाशिक ७, दुसरा मजला , राधाकृष्ण अपार्टमेंट,
वैभव कॉलनी, राजीव नगर,
नाशिक – ४२२००९


श्री सुगी ०२४२६-२४३३७६ राहुरी जन संपर्क अधिकारी, महात्मा फुले कृषी
विद्यापीठ, राहुरी, जिल्हा. अहमदनगर
सिंचन पुणे महाराष्ट्र सिंचन विकास पाटबंधारे संशोधन व
विकास संचालनालय, ८ मोलेदिना रोड, पुणे-१
महाबीज वार्ता ०७२४-२२५९११६ अकोला महाराष्ट्र राज्य बियाणे महामंडळ मर्या.,
महाबीज भवन, कृषीनगर, अकोला-४४४१०४
इंडिअन होर्टीकल्चर ०११-२५८४३६५७ नवी दिल्ली इंडियन कौन्सिल ऑफ अग्रीकल्चर रिसर्च,
कृषी अनुसंधान भवन, पुसा, नवी दिल्ली-११००१२
महाराष्ट्र कृषिवर्धिनी ०२०-२४२६४६४१/६६३०३, ९५५२५१८२४४ पुणे अॅक्शन फॉर अॅग्रिकल्चरल रिन्युअल इन
महाराष्ट्र (अफार्म), बि.नं. २/२३, अ-ब,
रायसोनी पार्क, मार्केट यार्ड, पुणे – ३७


कृषीदर्शनी ०२४२६-२४३३७६ राहुरी जन संपर्क अधिकारी, महात्मा फुले कृषी
विद्यापीठ, राहुरी, जिल्हा. अहमदनगर

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