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[Personal Declaration] Financial Dispute

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on March 11th, 2012

Dear Friends,

Few months ago I brokered a deal with one person [identity withheld] about some stuff. We got into agreement of that person paying me some[withheld] amount for that stuff. For that he paid me some token amount (but I did not make any legal document since it was in mutual understanding and respect). And I was waiting for other formalities to complete before that person could pay me remaining amount. But this person after paying token due to some issues fail back on commitment and informed me through SMS that deal is broken.

Due this person’s last-minute backing off I fail into huge loss and personal setback. Then this person started demanding back the token money paid. I agreed to payback since I was not interested in any such money which to is immoral though legal. But since I was already in deep trouble financially I said I’ll pay as soon as possible.

This person started threatening and communicating to some close friends (when none of them is involved in this deal at all). On time to time I met that person and gave assurance (even after he cheated me) that I shall be paying at any cost that too in full.

Last month this person crossed all limits by threatening me and communicating to common friends that I will be dragged into court if I fail to pay immediately. Finally I met this person and gave post dated cheques.

I shall be updating this post with latest developments. Thanks.

जय भारत!

NOTE: I’m putting this dispute in public notice as I don’t want any damage to my reputation in long run. All details are withheld to avoid any defamation/character damage. I can share if need be.

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