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डॉ. डांगे नावाचे पॉवरहाऊस

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 23rd March 2012

Thank you to http://forestsandpeople.wordpress.com for bringing this to notice. Good work must be appreciated and I’m doing my bit. Thanks to Dr. Dange.

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Is this why Sonia is afraid of Modi?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 13th March 2012

Recently Business Insider published the list of 23 richest politicians of the world(List). Shmt. Sonia Gandhi faired well in the list while securing forth place. We have been witnessing media trials, hate-mongering, and hounding by some NGOs while others are promoting communal hatred in name of secularism by selecting targeting. All this while I was thinking that Shri Narendra Modi is hounded and targeted because he is posing tough challenge to Shri Rahul Gandhi’s dream of being PM.

But when read the list of the 23 richest politicians of the world the motive behind hatred against Shri Modi became crystal clear. Its clear if by any chance he succeeds to become PM or even HM at central government she and her cottery may have to run pillar to post to hide her (ill-gotten) wealth. This wealth is not declared which means it is the black money and that is why when Shri Baba Ramdev demanded to bring black money they attacked him by using unconstitutional means.

Look her wealth yourself:

As per the report Shmt Sonia Gandhi possess $ 2-19 Billion ($ 1 Billion is approx Rs. 490 Crore). Now only coming time will reveal the truth and tear the veil of arrogance and supremacy.

Join Freedom Team to stop such illegal wealth amassing.

जय भारत!

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Disclaimer: The reports and amount taken from Business Insider. 1 USD = 49 Rs is the conversion rate for calculation.

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Why I joined Freedom Team Bharat?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 12th March 2012

Namaste Mitro,

When I think about future of Bharat and Bharati, become very uncomfortable and feel deprived of fundamental rights, because of the current creed of Bharatiy Politician and Bureaucrats.

More than 250000 farmer suicides in 15 years, Bhopal Gas leak victims still suffer, students are taught to bribe from the beginning (pay donation otherwise no admission), fake encounters, inhumane murder of social workers,  idols of nation (source of pride and inspiration) are maligned in the name of communal harmony(e.g. Chh Shivaji), whole nation is hostage in hands of some political family dynasties, you are not free to raise concerns openly, you are not free to exercise the freedom of creativity(some misuse it so all are punished) and speech, you can’t criticize/question politicians/policemen/bureaucrats for their corruptness, ineffectiveness and irresponsibility, terrorists under trial feast on tax payers money poking fun at the law and citizens of this land, landless labors and women are not farmers, economically backward is not minority but a religious is, workers and labors are sandwiched between owners and leaders, no relief to Mumbai mill workers even after 28 year-long agitation and suffering.

Why situation is so worse? Why I’m forced to learn only few subjects when I desire to learn more? Why there are not enough colleges to attend instead of allocating quota?

The main question is “Am I not free to decide my fate and destiny?”

The time has come where one must remember even in the dreams that “I’m born free and will be free till my last breath. It is my endeavor to deliver freedom to as many citizens as possible in my lifetime. I’m a human not just by birth but by learnings as well and it teaches me of Freedom. Since the times of  Ramayana, where a laundryman had liberty to criticize a royal lady, we have legacy of freedom of expression. And we owe this freedom to everyone in this living world.”

To join: visit Who can join

To know more: Freedom Team

जय भारत!

For more details please visit: Sandeep Shelke Member Page

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[Personal Declaration] Financial Dispute

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 11th March 2012

Dear Friends,

Few months ago I brokered a deal with one person [identity withheld] about some stuff. We got into agreement of that person paying me some[withheld] amount for that stuff. For that he paid me some token amount (but I did not make any legal document since it was in mutual understanding and respect). And I was waiting for other formalities to complete before that person could pay me remaining amount. But this person after paying token due to some issues fail back on commitment and informed me through SMS that deal is broken.

Due this person’s last-minute backing off I fail into huge loss and personal setback. Then this person started demanding back the token money paid. I agreed to payback since I was not interested in any such money which to is immoral though legal. But since I was already in deep trouble financially I said I’ll pay as soon as possible.

This person started threatening and communicating to some close friends (when none of them is involved in this deal at all). On time to time I met that person and gave assurance (even after he cheated me) that I shall be paying at any cost that too in full.

Last month this person crossed all limits by threatening me and communicating to common friends that I will be dragged into court if I fail to pay immediately. Finally I met this person and gave post dated cheques.

I shall be updating this post with latest developments. Thanks.

जय भारत!

NOTE: I’m putting this dispute in public notice as I don’t want any damage to my reputation in long run. All details are withheld to avoid any defamation/character damage. I can share if need be.

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