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Attending ‘Bharatiy Chhatra Sansad’, Pune 2012

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on January 6th, 2012

This is a short post to inform all that I’ll be attending “Bharatiy Chhatra Sansand”.

Friends, we will be attending officially “Bharatiy Chhatra Sansad” that is happening between 10-12 January 2012 in Pune, Maharashtra on behalf of team CIPL. I request all those who are attending to please let me know so that we can catch up while the event.

Also let me know if any further information or help is required in Pune about accommodation, food, climate, transport, etc… I would be more than happy to do all that I can.

जय भारत!

One Response to “Attending ‘Bharatiy Chhatra Sansad’, Pune 2012”

  1. Noori Khan Says:

    very wel try keep it up…………..

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