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Bharat remains dirtiest country: Jairam Ramesh

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on December 29th, 2011

Rural Minister Shri J Ramesh said “Bharat remains dirtiest country”

“In one area in which India can claim success in the social sector is education. We can’t say same thing in health, we can’t say same thing in nutrition, we certainly can’t say the same thing in sanitation because we do remain the dirtiest and filthiest country,”


“I am concerned. The biggest challenge I am facing, as a rural development minister, is to educate people about sanitation. 60 per cent of all open defecation in the world are in India.”

When I read this article I remembered Shri Jairam Ramesh’s party’s Yuvraj Shri Rahul’s statement “I’m ashamed of being Bharatiy”.

As per my understanding I think these are deliberate attempts by the Congress party people to distract the attention from key issues that we face today. Congress has been leading the governments in the country for more than 53 years now, and still they talk such language which certainly is not improving their image either.

There can be following possibilities behind such use of language and making such outrageous statements:

  1. Distracting public attention from mis-governance:

    Congress has this tendency to make haywire statements, create debate and discussions around it and then distract the public attention from scams, mis-governance and policy paralysis. E.g. They gave much hype to Anna Hazare led IAC movement and easily put the 2G, CWG, Adarsh scams out of the sight. Then now they are talking about FDI in retail all of a sudden and almost all alleged persons got bail in 2G case since CBI did not oppose. So it seeks that this is a precedent they use to distract.

  2. They are seriously concerned about sorrow state of nation.

    It may be possible they are very concerned about nation and the issues we face. But then if they are concerned then who is stopping them from punishing the corrupt, decentralizing the power. They are free to implement such small measures on war front. But they look like preacher alone and not practicers.

  3. They lack the understanding of basic needs of rural area.

    If we accept that they want a hygienic and healthy society, then I respect and support their views. But case is different, have they asked the rural people what they want? Did rural people ask you for mobile phones? Did they ask you toilets? Answer is “NO”.

    Then why are they looking to setup toilets in rural area and whats wrong in it.

    There is possibility that they are driven by international WHO and UN commitments to provide sanitation in the rural area at any cost. But they miss the point here that in rural area due farming ecology there is consistent need of fertilizers and if fertilizers are organic then its the best. Now if farmer decided to use his manure in his farms as fertilizer then what is wrong in it? Its scientifically proven than human and cattle waste is best organic fertilizer after de-composition. And soil has the ability to decompose the extracts. So i ask the question to Mr. Ramesh “Do we need to use toilets forcibly? Or do we need better roads, storage facilities, processing units, transparent markets?

  4. Internal power crisis:

    These leaders are not naive or idiots. They have their studies in place, adequate information is always with them. Them why are they using such outrageous language? It may be an attempt to destabilize the current office bearers by maligning their image and controlling the power center. This is one such thought which always takes rounds of my mind when I think about current power seeking tribe.

Kautilya’s says:

“What is beneficial for subjects is beneficial for king”,

“Aanvikshiki is lamp of all sciences” and

“Connect with people whenever possible, else coterie around you will engulf you and your people”

जय भारत!

One Response to “Bharat remains dirtiest country: Jairam Ramesh”

  1. senthil Says:

    bharat is NOT dirtiest.. but made dirtiest by the dirtiest congress party..

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