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Archive for November 17th, 2011

Ideal of Development Education – Shri Manav Das

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 17th November 2011

My teacher Shri Ranjeet Shetty shared this link with me and I found it interesting and inspiring enough to share with all of you. Please read this excellent effort by an individual.


Name is Manav Das .He was associated with Ekal School 2000. He was made the Gram Pramukh of Ekal Vidyalayla . During his duty as gram Pramukh he was so Involved with the Ekal vidyalaya that he became full time member of this organization .

Manav das was made ‘Eup sanch’ from 2001 to 2005 Balur ghat district of North Bengal. Manav Das was so engrossed with his work in Ekal vidyalaya that he was made the Vikas Pramukh (head of 270 vidyalayla) 2005 Balurghat .

He is from the modest and simple back ground. Manav Das is very talented and kept on making his way towards progress.

The thing that he is poor was always in his mind. But he could not tell any body about his poverty. What ever way he got to progress he went on with Ekal Abhiyan. He was sent from Ekal abhiyan to district of Bengal(in Chatisgar chapa training center).

Then he got training for rural development. After training he learnt about Vermicompost, Amrit jal & Pesticides.

Now Manav Das Become the trained member of Eakl. Now he was able to make Vermicompost Pesticides & amrita jal at home whatever he manufactured from Vermicompost he used it in his field and also taught villagers how to use it. And sold it at the profit of Rs 5 Per kg. Through this practice his production increased and so his income also increased, now he become financially stable; when he saw the fruits of his labor his self confidence increased and he started feeling proud of himself. Not only this now the nearby villagers also started taking inspiration from him. By now, Manav Das had become the centre of attraction among the neighboring villagers, many people started taking training from him .

Slowly many full time member of Ekal abhiyan Balur ghat started manufacturing Vermicompost by this 270 Ekal vidyalaya started using Vermicompost manufacture by them self. By using the manure the field became more fertile the village became more happy content. Through low cost they could yield bumper crop. Now he got the credit of becoming the Vikas Pramukh of Balurghat zone.

Now the doors of the development opened for him and thus he become the head of North Bengal. Now he was heading 846 Ekal vidyalaya and 713 villagers were manufacturing Vermicompost under him. Being from a farmer back ground he was able to study till class X, but he did not become a head Clark; in fact, he stood on his feet and started Ekal Abhiyan from his home, thus he became an example for men. Every year he manufactures 50 quintal fertilizer 500 liters pesticides which he sells for 50/-per litter. Now he feels proud to be a part of rural development.

Source: Success Story.

जय भारत!

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