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Why my decision to challenge them is DAMN right

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on September 19th, 2011

Almost everyone is aware of the suicide wave among Vidarbha cotton growing farmers since 1995. Read this, get more information about farmer’s suicide in Bharat.

Now that UPA government has banned onion export since last 10 days onion farmers are forced on the brink of bankruptcy. They are facing the toughest of their times again. This year rain was good and they are celebrating it with pinch of salt and hope that all will be well. And the hell happened to the onion growers.

I’ve fact file with me, yes my, parent’s, own case to share with you. Do read and share this story to understand pain of Bharatiy small and marginal farmers.

Onion Farm

My parents sowed onion seeds in December 2010. Then they cultivated onion saplings in January 2011 in total area of 3 acres. Seeds, sowing, fertilizers, pesticides, watering and labor charges accounted for more than Rs.30000 per acre that is total Rs. 90000. After removing the onion from the fields in last week of April 2011 and 1 week of May 2011 they spent Rs. 32000 on grading, storage, transport, labor for all yield. 3 acres yielded onion produce of nearly 25 tons. If we calculate total expenses from sowing till storage of 3 acres of onion it accounts to Rs. 122000 (excluding my father-mother’s labor, land rent).

In farm production cost of onions to farmer Rs. 4.88 per Kg.

When you want to take it to the market you’ll have procure gunny bags at Rs. 25 per bag of 55-60Kg. i.e. 45-50paise per Kg. Then you would take those bags to market that depends of the market distance from your place, they pay Rs.10-15 per bag for filling and Rs. 20-25 for carrying to market, i.e. 60-70 paise per Kg. Now when you take the produce to agriculture markets they levy ‘n’ number charges like Commission (6% flat), Cleaning charge(1%), showing charge(1%), weighing charge(1%), labor charge(20 paise per Kg). This adds another Rs. 1-1.5 to the total cost.

Now, in market cost to farmer 4.88+0.45+0.60+1=Rs. 6.93 per Kg

At that time the prices in the market were around Rs. 5-7 per Kg. Let me add one more catch here, traders/agents never pay uniform price to total produce. They make 3 gradings of it and will pay say Rs.7 to 60%, Rs. 5 to 30% and Rs. 4 to 10%. If farmers sell at this price he will lose from his pocket let alone getting anything for his labor and land.

So to make some money he takes risk of storing the onion produce on the face of Monsoon. Which most probably turns suicidal for small and marginal farmers.

This year too my parents did same, only to discover that UPA govt banned export to make onion prices fell from Rs.10-15 per Kg to Rs. 3-5 per Kg.

This led to rotting almost 40% produce in the whole process, my mother and father both cried like child then. It was very depressing for me to console them. I hate Congressi (all UPA allies) thugs at helm. And I’ve decided rightfully to replace them.

I’ve taken pictures and videos of rotten onion. Look for yourself.

जय भारत!

P.S. I’ve given up my full-time job, business 3 months before to get into politics and I think I’m damn right in taking that decision. Even my parents, whom I’m the only support, has lend their support whole heartedly. More praises for them.

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9 Responses to “Why my decision to challenge them is DAMN right”

  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok Says:


    You are absolutely right. The idea of a God Government that whimsically plays with the economics of production is ridiculous.

    Let there be freedom. Overthrow these depots.


  2. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:

    Sanjeev ji,

    Yes and I’m committed for the freedom.

    Jai Bharat.

  3. senthil Says:

    The problem is NOT just with government.. but also with industrial scale production of agricultural produce.. why only ONION for 3 acres?

    How was the agriculture performed in your grandfather’s days? what was the crops used?

    Just securing good price for onion will not be enough.. we have to understand the root cause of the problem..

    Next time when you start doing agriculture, try sowing all kinds of crops, that is needed for your family.. Even if the prices fall, you will have those crops used for your family for a month, or atleast, one crop will save you from the losses of the other..

    We had lot of discussions about this among our friends, and we identified key areas where & why agriculture became loss making..

    As you are entering in to politics with determined mind, i wish you take an independant position, in understanding the root cause of our societal problem.. i wish i can explain to you more by mail..

  4. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:


    Please do read my earlier post Farmers dont deserve…, in this post I tried to focus on various aspects.

    Sure what you is true in conservative sense. But when commercialization comes in picture with rising demands, we must not hold back commercial farming. Then Government is the entity which promoted all the shit since 1972 under various names.

    I think minimum support prices for all produces must be declared. Else we will go by the way of importing for all essential commodities. Public distribution systems must be improved.

    I welcome your experiences and thoughts for better understanding.

    Jai Bharat!

  5. Gopalakrishnan Raman (@krish53) Says:


    You are right. This govt policies are not in support of the agricultural community in general. As Senthil has pointed out we have to go to the root of the problem. I can understand your pain as I my father was involved in agriculture.

  6. Suresh En Says:

    Shared this post on my FB, Sandeep. People need to know the truth.

  7. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:

    @Ranganaathan ji,
    Yes in order to solve problem we have to look at the cause.

    But the state machinary has to change.

    Thank you. We have to make everyone aware of the truth.

    Jai Bharat.

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  9. My commitment Says:

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