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Archive for August 31st, 2011

Importance of Shree Ganesh (Ganapati/Vinayak)

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 31st August 2011

जय श्री गणेशाय नमः

Ganapati means:


‘Ga’ symbolises Buddhi (intellect), ‘Na’ stands for Vijnana (wisdom). So, Ganapati is the master of Buddhi and Vijnana. The universe is sustained by Ganas (gods) and Ganapati is their master. In this world, everybody has a master, but Ganapati has none. “Viyate Nayake Iti Vinayak” that is Vinayak is a master by himself. Vinayak symbolises the qualities of a true leader in all aspects. He grants happiness at two levels, Pravritti (outward) and Nivritti (inward). Pravritti is related to physical body whereas Nivritti to intellect. The Pravritti undergoes change with the passage of time, whereas Nivritti remains unchanged. Hence, one should try to reduce body attachment with proper food and habits.

॥ शुक्लांबरधरं विष्णुं चतुर्भुजं प्रसन्नवदनं सर्वविघ्नोपसान्थये ध्यायेतः ॥

Ganapati is also called Mooshika Vahana:

Here mooshika does not mean a mere mouse. It symbolises the darkness of ignorance; because it is in darkness that the mouse moves about since can see well in dark. The mouse is considered as the embodiment of the sense of smell. The mouse is a symbol of the attachment to worldly tendencies (vaasanas). As Vinayak‘s vehicle the mouse signifies an object that leads man from darkness to light. The Vinayak-principle, thus, means that which removes all the bad qualities, bad practices and bad thoughts in men and inculcates good qualities, good conduct and good thoughts.

About Ganapati Image:
Ganapati‘s image is a strange composite of elephant and man, generally mounted on a mouse with four arms. Every part of his image is symbolic of facts: The Elephant Head represents the great strength of elephant. The Human form signifies wisdom,intelligence and ability. The Tiny Mouse denotes control over darkness, bad qualities, thoughts and practices. His Four arms represents four directions of space.

Offerings to Ganapati:
Following four things that you should offer, which Vinayak expects and nothing else.

  • Pathram(leaf) means Body. Never be attached to body it may wither away at any moment, instead offer it to God.
  • Pushpam(flower) means Hriday. This flower will never fade away.
  • Phalam(fruit) means Man (Mind). Your attention should towards him.
  • Thoyam stands for Tears of Joy. You should be happy and cheerful while worshiping him.

Importance of Modak:

We all know god himself does not consume any offerings its meant for us. Modaks are steam-cooked. Steam-Cooked food is good for eyes and beneficial for patients of Asthma and Eosinophilia.

What Vinayak confers:
Vinayak confers Buddhi and Siddhi. So one must remember to attain Siddhi one must have Buddhi. For Buddhi we need to have Gratitude. And an ungrateful person can never become intellectual. Hence cant attain Siddhi. So one must be grateful to attain Buddhi and Siddhi.

Vinayak Chaturhi is celebrated on that is the 4th day moon waxing of lunar month Bhadrapad (भाद्रपद शुक्ल पक्ष चतुर्थी).

॥ नमो भारतम् ॥

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