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Archive for August 23rd, 2011

Corruption loot amount Rs. 910.6 Lakh Crores since 1948

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 23rd August 2011

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Whenever a new nation is formed it has all right to re-enact the system in national interest and they must for better future. But our politicians decided to continue the laws and regulations of British and they still are continuing. British enacted all the laws, undoubtedly, for exploiting and looting us. British always used divide and rule tactics and made such laws for their help.

Mahatma Gandhiji had asked Congressmen to dissolve Congress party immediately after transfer of government in 1947. Because Gandhiji thought that people fetched victory and not Congress party alone. Congress did not dissolve, but Gandhiji was dispensed. Who killed Gandhiji isn’t a mystery, but who got him killed is still a mystery.

All patriotic nationalist leaders either died/abandoned just before and after freedom in 1947. No one questioned or raised any doubt about all such scandalous happenings. How ill-informed we are about these important issues and whatever we know is half truth (more dangerous than no knowledge).

We are taught in school/colleges to not question and just follow whatever asked. British used this tactic since they needed black British who were Bharatiy in look but English in soul, (some call them Macaulayian clerks). And the very education yielded as per their expectations, our politicians looted us more than British could.

And a sample of this loot is the poster bellow. This just the uncovered list which cost us more than 910.6 Lakh Crores since 1948. Which is 50 times the total yearly tax collection put together by center and all states.

Started in 1948 and still continues. In a sence we never got freedom from looters.

जय भारत!
सरफरोशो ने जिसे लहू देके सींचा, हैं ऐसे गुलशन को उजड़ने से बचा लो यारों ।

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Scams in Inda Since Independence

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