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Archive for August 3rd, 2011

Eating cooked food is 11000 year old in Bharat

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 3rd August 2011

…Thanks to twitter friend Manas for posting this on his status and thanks to The Pioneer for covering the story.

An interesting research by Bharatiy scientists proved that our history books need a rewrite. With the help of computer software they plotted the dates mentioned in the scriptures and verified the authenticity of the scriptures.

Some of the findings in short:

  • Indo-Aryan invasion theory is a myth. Indo-Aryan invasion theory refuted by many high-profile people before.
  • Evidence of our culture dates back more than 8000 years.
  • Thousands year ago people prayed the same way we do today.
  • Diwali and Janmashthami are celebrated since time immemorial.
  • Many ancient towns are lying submerged under see. e.g. Dwaraka.
  • Genetic profile of Bharatiy and European people do not match.
  • Development in language and eating cooked food started more than 11000 years ago.
  • Ecological references and varieties of cultivated plants, trees and herbs mentioned in Vedas and epics have existed in Bharat for more than 10,000 years.

This clearly means that 1000 years of invasions have cost us terrifically. British education system brainwashed us since their rule. They had this agenda to create slaves through education system in which they succeeded with the help of few greedy locals.

Invaders attacked our cultural centers. They demeaned our culture and education using barbaric and treacherous ways. Time to reclaim lost glory.

Jai Bharat!

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Please help Manju to chronicle lives and times of Vidarbha farmers

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 3rd August 2011

Manju, 19 year old, currently pursuing bachelors in journalism from Nagpur University. She not only fought odds that a general farmer’s pupil faces but studied against the depressing situation after father’s suicide and then elder sister’s medical death. That is really admirable seeing her age and experience. Giving up is always easiest way than to struggle and keep up the spirit.

In her words,

“I want to pursue journalism. That way I can chronicle the lives and times of Vidarbha farmers. As daughter of a farmer, who committed suicide, I have seen it all at close quarters and suffered every moment.”

She also tells that the CM’s promises never came true.

“I remember that soon after my father’s suicide the then chief minister Narayan Rane came to our village. At a function organised to hand over compensation cheque of Rs 1 lakh, several promises for the welfare of farmers were made. Among the promises that were never kept was the one of providing free education to the children of farm suicide victims

She is worried about the expenses at university,

I have no idea how I will meet the cost of studying and living in a big city like Nagpur. I only hope I realise my ambition and lend a helping hand to my mother back in the village”

I urge readers to help Manju in any possible ways. Best wishes to Manju to achieve what she desires.

Contact Details:
Name: Manju Ramdas Ambarwar
Address: Telang Takali, Taluka Kelapur, Dist Yavatmal, Maharashtra – 445302.

Jai Bharat!

Source: Indian Express story

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