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Bharat needs a leader not a [lame] duck

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on July 25th, 2011

Characteristics of PM Manmohan Singh:

We have an honest PM who used cash to buy votes to ensure the Congress win the trust in parliament for UPA govt.

We have a PM who has not cared to look into allegations against Sonia Gandhi, Congress President, about being KGB agent.

We have a PM who did not utter even a word when Hindu community labeled terrorist by his party office bearers let alone losing sleep.

We have a PM who does not a lose sleep when progressive Muslim Vastanvi is shown bin by Deoband.

We have a PM who dont make any statement or appeal to dying Farmers. More than 200000 farmers have committed suicide since 1995. He neither loses sleep.

We have a PM who has no clue of his own dept of science and technology’s fraudulent deal, to be scrapped afterwards, of ISRO-Devas.

We have a PM who haven’t given a single statement about Hasan Ali’s Rs.72000 Crores tax evasion. Forget about losing sleep.

We have a PM who did not lose sleep when Suresh Kalmadi, Sheila Dixit – caretakers of CWG – tore apart our image on international platform for lethargy, sub-standard work and huge scam.

We have a PM who was present when nation was being robbed off Rs.176000 Crores in 2G spectrum scam.

We have a PM who has no control over cabinet and doesn’t recognize his responsibility to be answerable to people of Bharat.

We have a PM who lost his sleep for an arrest of a Doctor in Australia for alleged role in terrorist work. But did not lose when Sadhvi tortured brutally by his own investigation machinery.

We have a PM who uses press conference to convey a message that he is not a lame-duck.

Jai Bharat!

P.S.: This isn’t an exhaustive list of his work but just an overview. Please feel free to add more.

6 Responses to “Bharat needs a leader not a [lame] duck”

  1. william wallace Says:

    The world we live today being a politician
    is a public confirmation that your a liar an
    cheat as fraudster. An puppet of the USA administration. A individual whom at birth
    t’was clear to the sad parents / their child
    sent by the devil / that the child destiny to
    be a politician / bringing them only shame.

  2. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:

    @William Wallace
    I agree. World might have that ideology. But I’m preparing to work full time into politics and such cynicism cant be taken by the face of it. Its the impression these bloody pimps have created with their thuggery.

    Anyways rest is true to my knowledge.

    Jai Bharat@

  3. william wallace Says:

    Spoken like an true politician. / One with a heart and soul. Not only your parents /but all humanity
    standing proud / in knowing an truthfull politician.

  4. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:

    @William Wallace:
    Thank you for the appreciative and inspiring words. I will live by the standards of true politician come whatever may.

    Jai Bharat!

  5. william wallace Says:

    It t’woud be great benefit if if your spiritual
    development /was strong giving protection
    from such corrupt arena as politics /where
    the bravest / wisest /falling and are ruined.

    Prem Rawat is an teacher of meditation the
    art of turning the senses inward in bringing
    a unfolding of the spiritual self /not of ideas
    as beliefs // or a heaven beyond the clouds
    but a clarity of practical spiritual experience.

    On pc search put ( words of peace ) on the
    site a large selection of videos where Prem
    talking / explains of true spiritual awakening.

    With such inner knowledge of ones spiritual being / then the chances of surviving / in an
    political arena are greatly increased // such
    knowledge of truth /the armour of protection
    in a arena of dishonesty as appalling deceit.

    If your heart set on such a difficult adventure
    then one need go /fully prepared / protected.

  6. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:

    @William Wallace:

    I agree that one must be fully prepared to face any situation.
    Also thank you for the reference of Prem Rawad, I was seriously looking for it. And a blog post on importance of spiritual backing for political work is already underway.

    Jai Bharat!

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