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Archive for July 25th, 2011

Bharat needs a leader not a [lame] duck

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 25th July 2011

Characteristics of PM Manmohan Singh:

We have an honest PM who used cash to buy votes to ensure the Congress win the trust in parliament for UPA govt.

We have a PM who has not cared to look into allegations against Sonia Gandhi, Congress President, about being KGB agent.

We have a PM who did not utter even a word when Hindu community labeled terrorist by his party office bearers let alone losing sleep.

We have a PM who does not a lose sleep when progressive Muslim Vastanvi is shown bin by Deoband.

We have a PM who dont make any statement or appeal to dying Farmers. More than 200000 farmers have committed suicide since 1995. He neither loses sleep.

We have a PM who has no clue of his own dept of science and technology’s fraudulent deal, to be scrapped afterwards, of ISRO-Devas.

We have a PM who haven’t given a single statement about Hasan Ali’s Rs.72000 Crores tax evasion. Forget about losing sleep.

We have a PM who did not lose sleep when Suresh Kalmadi, Sheila Dixit – caretakers of CWG – tore apart our image on international platform for lethargy, sub-standard work and huge scam.

We have a PM who was present when nation was being robbed off Rs.176000 Crores in 2G spectrum scam.

We have a PM who has no control over cabinet and doesn’t recognize his responsibility to be answerable to people of Bharat.

We have a PM who lost his sleep for an arrest of a Doctor in Australia for alleged role in terrorist work. But did not lose when Sadhvi tortured brutally by his own investigation machinery.

We have a PM who uses press conference to convey a message that he is not a lame-duck.

Jai Bharat!

P.S.: This isn’t an exhaustive list of his work but just an overview. Please feel free to add more.

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