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Christian Seculars

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on May 17th, 2011

I was filling the online insurance form today on ICICI prulife website. While selecting the age proof document option I got a shot in head. Look for yourself.

It is clearly mentioned that

“Baptism Certificate of Church”
“Marriage Certificate from Church”

is accepted as age proof.

How the hell on earth a secular country can accept CHURCH certificates as age proof?
This is insane on the part of secular establishment. This needs to be questioned.

Church has no business in directing govt to accept its certificate as proof. We shouldn’t allow such kind of christianization of our government processes.

Few instantaneous questions:

Why is this leverage to church alone?
Who allowed this christianization when so called seculars are ruling?
Does secularism means anti-Hindu and anti-Natives?
Why such glorification of Christianity by government?

Lastly, lets unite against dark forces. Lets raise voice when we see wrong. Lets not allow evil to triumph by being idle.

Arise, Awake and Align!

जय भारत!

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10 Responses to “Christian Seculars”

  1. neeraj atri Says:

    Antonia Maino is going full steam with Inquisition.


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  5. RM Says:

    First of all I’d like to remind you that if you were an Indian in true sense, you would have never written this article targeting Indian Christians and questioning their secularism. Remember, the government and corporate institutions in India will also admit that there is nothing wrong with accepting church certified documents as they are equally fool proof as any legal document in India. Even before a civil registrar system was setup in India, the Christian church had an accurate documentation of birth, name change and death. A fact that even the most powerful courts of our land will never doubt or dispute. Next time you come across such a question please ask why and how to find answers rather than resorting to insulting another’s faith for no reason.

    Jai Hind.

  6. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:

    @ RM, first of all welcome to the blog.

    The article does not intend to doubt the book keeping of the church. But the whole process of allowing them to issue birth and marriage certificates. Why should church alone be given such privilege? Why not Mandir, Gurudwara, Masjids too?

    Government processes should not need church or any religious establishment’s documentary evidence.

    One more thing when marriage is allowed according to one’s faith then what is the need of accepting the certificate from the religious institution. Its legal and civil matter must be done through civic councils. When a Hindu gets married in Mandir/Temple the temple certificate is not considered legal. Then why this discrimination?

    A secular establishment should be truly secular.

    FYI: I dont call myself Indian, but a Bharatiy. read why (Fact about name “India”)?

    Jai Bharat!

  7. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:

    Dear RM,

    do read this too http://satyameva-jayate.org/2010/04/16/baptism-dob/

    Jay Bharat!

  8. RM Says:

    Listen Mr. Shelke, I don’t care about the all the rubbish views in that article. Fact is a fact. its a matter of accurate documentation only and not about bias or secularism.
    In Goa, despite of uniform civil code still today church documents like, baptism certificate is accepted. But not as much as in other states because Goa when under the Portuguese regime had an excellent record system that was (equally good as church records) very accurate .
    While in other states despite of British rule there was no registration system (e.g. in South Indian states) this continued even few years after independence, hence the church was the only institution to have proper records then. So it is an established fact that these documents since then were authentic and could be used even in a court case.
    Tomorrow if Hindus or Muslims come with a similar foolproof system, it is certain that the govt. may accept it too as confirmatory document in case of forgery or other malpractices. Remember Sikhs too have an excellent Marriage record.
    To tell you more, in addition to the the Indian census, the church too caries out its own census of its followers every year as counter-system to check accuracy of documents. However, this census has nothing to do with the govt. census and is not used for any reason. Except these document.

    So please stop targeting the Church and the Christians for no sensible reasons on such small topics unless you are small minded. These documentation systems are not a privilege bestowed by Indian govt. but a duty of the church to the nation, the community and justice, and not to the Vatican. Even if such record system is invalidated tomorrow, still it will continue only as a duty.

    I still wonder why people like you take delight and pride in insulting other religions. Does this give you satisfaction?

  9. RM Says:

    FYI: I’m proudly son of the Goan soil or “Niz Goenkar”. Following Christianity doesn’t make you a foreigner.
    I don’t care about what you call yourself, but all I know is that Bharatiya= Hindustani= Indian/ Indian origin/ Indian citizen ….. Thats it! No discrimination.
    I don’t care about the origin of the name India. All I know is that it is the name of my country & I honour it over and above everything.

  10. संदीप नारायण शेळके Says:


    You get personal while questions are merely about the governance. I’m not attacking any religion and has no interest in doing so. But if raising question against some procedures which are not needed makes you fume about my questioning then I cant help it.

    I’m not at all targeting church, but government’s claim of being secular.

    I prefer not to comment on hollowness of the thought which needs to track its subscribers like an commercial venture. But I’ll certainly question those who represent me for their bias and not the beneficiary.

    As an example, in current coal-scam where Union minister lobbied to PM for allocating coal block to SKS pvt ltd. I dont care about SKS pvt ltd, but I’ll certainly question PM’s role.

    When you have audacity to call what is written by others a rubbish then I’m not answerable to you either.

    About the name of nation:
    You have not disclosed your name. But if I’m unable to pronounce your name correctly and then make you pronounce it the way I’m doing, then is it acceptable to you?

    Outsiders came exploited the local divide, misruled us and then gave an incompetently derived name like ‘India’ and today our constitutions gives it legality. And some are proud of it. I can question the constitution since its made for us. We have to correct the mistakes in it and not adore them. But thats a separate matter.

    Jay Bharat!

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