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Another scam surfacing?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on May 3rd, 2011

Yesterday Hon. SC issued notices to central and state governments seeking clarification on “Why ENDOSULFAN should not be banned?” while hearing the petition by Democratic Youth Federation. [Ref1, Ref2, Ref3]

Asked the Centre and 28 states to explain as to why a ban should not be imposed on use of endosulfan pesticide across the country.

Also asked Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium to be present on the next date of hearing on May 11 to assist the court.

I wonder why Agri Minister Sharad Pawar is not allowing the ban? This killer insecticide/pesticide is toxic, Endoctrine Disruptor, bioaccumulable and proved fatal in Kasorgad, Kerala [Endosulfan Fact Finding Mission Report].

What Lefts says:

A group of Left MPs today (26 April 11) held a protest in Parliament House demanding a ban on Endosulfan pesticide and questioned whether the reluctance on part of the government to take action in this regard pointed to another “scam”.

I trust our politicians and babus. A scam will surely surface if opposition works actively without compromise.

Few questions:

  • Why all Agriculture Ministers shouldnt be accountable?
  • Why not to question present Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar?
  • Who is responsible for lifting the ban once that was imposed in Kerala?

Watch for another post seeking ban on endosulfan.

Jai Bharat!

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