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Tought of the day

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 30th March 2011

********* संस्कृतमः *********

आयुषः क्षन एकोपि सर्वरत्नैर्न लभते ।

नीयते स वृथा येन प्रमादः सुमाहनहो ॥

********* मराठी मध्ये *********

सर्व रत्ने (महागड्या वस्तू) दिली तरीही आयुष्याचा एक क्षणसुद्धा (वाया घालवलेला) परत मिळत नाही

म्हणून वेळ वाया घालवणे हि घोडचूक आहे.

********* In English *********

Even being ready to give costliest articles to get back (wasted) moment you cant get it. That is why wasting any moment is foolishness

!! जय भारत !!

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Genetically Modified – Is it really harrowing?

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 30th March 2011

I always wondered about the GM (Genetically Modified) Crop Organisms. Many questions came to my mind, so thought of writing a small and simple article to make a clear understanding of GM:

What is GM Crop Organisms?

Genetic Modification(GM) or Genetic Engineering(GE) are used interchangeably.
In very simple language “GM is insertion/deletion of genes of one living/dead species into another living species.” This has been possible only after discovery of DNA that too in 1973. GM crop plants are created for human and animal consumption using Molecular biology techniques. These plants have been modified in the laboratory to enhance desired traits such as increased resistance to herbicides or improved nutritional content.

Why to use GM Organisms?

Makes crops insects, pests resistant to increase the yield.
To remove weeds cost-effectively weed-killers are sprayed
Resisting plant diseases due to viruses, fungi and bacteria
To tolerate unexpected frost and reduce the crop loss
Growing plants in more salt content soil and inhospitable land.
To improve the nutrition contents in staple foot.
To have edible vaccines to reduce costs of storage and handling of traditional vaccines.
Cleaning heavy metal population from soil.
Slow softening in tomatoes as they ripen.

How does this GM work?

Pest resistance: One way to modify a plant genome is by inserting genes. For example, introducing a gene from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis, which codes for a protein that is toxic to insects, gives plants resistance to insect predation.
Herbicide Tolerance: Plants are made resistant to glyphosate or glufosinate herbicides by introducing DNA from bacteria into their genomes.
Disease Resistance: Modifying genes to resists diseases.
Cold Tolerance: An antifreeze gene from cold water fish has been introduced into plants such as tobacco and potato. With this antifreeze gene, these plants are able to tolerate cold temperatures that normally would kill unmodified seedlings
Drought Tolerance: Creating plants by modifying genes that can withstand long period
Nutrition: Genes from other plants or bacteria are inserted into plant genomes to enhance production of important nutrients such as vitamins A and C and folic acid.
Pharmaceuticals: Developing edible vaccines in the form of tomatoes
Phytoremediation: Plants such as poplar trees have been genetically engineered to clean up heavy metal pollution
Antisense Technology: Deactivates the genes, preventing them from functioning.

Is GM Crop against Nature?

Its claimed that GM is better than traditional crop breeding. My simple argument is that traditional breeding is driven by nature at its pace, whereas in case GM the time required is reduced dramatically and, in my opinion,  such laboratory test only things cant replace time tested ones immediately without due test.

Do we at all need GM Crops?

Cancer Train

Yes we need food in much larger quantity than before. But we can not invite the blunder by releasing “genetic pollution”. There is no adequate data in support of GMO. We do not have understanding of its impact on environment and human health.

Read More “GM cant feed all”

We have seen ill-effects of Green revolution in Bharat.
Green revolution epicenter Punjab is now called “Cancer capitalfor blindly adopting the technology. Field trials can be catastrophic and its proved here. [Read more about Punjab tragedy here, here and their resistance here.]
Total cancer patients
detected between 2001 and 2009, in the rural areas numbered 23, 427, of which 16,730 died. At present, as many as 6,000 cancer patients were under treatment.
Not only that peacock, our national bird, is almost disappeared from fields now since 1990s.
Hurriedly adopted green revolution might have solved problems temporarily but produced more dangerous and life threatening effects. It disturbed bio-diversity. Today our eco-system is worsened without doubt and that to because of our hurried decisions in past.

I always think that we can get abundant food if we keep ourselves abreast to nature. Anything which is against nature will always be catastrophic. But that doesn’t mean I’m against experimenting, we should experiment it 100 times before introduced to field.

Jai Bharat!

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Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 29th March 2011

Regret: I included some images in this post and that time forgot to mention the source. I’m not able to find the source for them now. If anybody knows then please let me know, I’ll be grateful.

I owe my life to my ancestors who fought and made sure that this day remains a free day for me.

Everyone knows and admires Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, nurturer of Swaraj (seeds of Swaraj sowed by Shahaji Maharaja and Rani Jijabaisaheb). He is the one who fought barbaric invaders tooth n’ nail and halted the British aggression. He was a excellent son (obeyed parents, fulfilled their dream), true brother (Took revenge of elder brother’s killing), Honest friend (Shared very close relations like Tanaji Malusare), Visionary leader (Who ventured on to establish people’s rule), loving husband (took care of wives even in his tiresome and hectic work schedule), caring father (trained son to fight for people and land). We all respect and swear by him.

But his son Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj (equally good, more daring, courageous, scholar who wrote 4 novels) remains least noticed. Why? I know many reasons, but its not important today. We true followers of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Sambhaji Maharaj need to make sure they get due respect and place in history.

सिंहाच्या जबड्यात घालून हात मोजीन दात (Will put hand in Lion mouth to count teeth)

As Ch Sambhaji Maharaj’s birth anniversary is approaching I plan to write a series of articles covering various facets of his extraordinary life and career.

  • Childhood,
  • Education,
  • Scholarly work,
  • Life under Ch Shivaji Maharaj,
  • Life After Ch Shivaji Maharaj, and
  • End of Dharmaveer
  • After effects
  • Bare lies about him

Jai Bharat!

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PS:I’m not a scholar neither am a historian but will do my bit by collecting whatever possible information is available on internet, books etc. But promise you will try to provide any information on basis of some proof.

REQUEST: I request the readers to share information, links, books you have about Ch Sambhaji Maharaj. As it is really very difficult to find credible information.

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QuickPost: Arrogant thugs leading us

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 28th March 2011

I usually do not post such articles. But this one is darkest ever in democratic establishment and I could not stop myself problem posting it here.

On 28 March 2011, after Andhra assembly session started Agri Minister YS Vivekanand Reddy, brother of Ex Andhra CM YS Rajshekhara Reddy, slapped TDP MLA C H Prabhakar right in assembly house. This action was to prove the opposition claim “YSR’s gang of thugs“. MIM and TDP both were stalling the assembly for various reasons.

What was the fault?

TDP has stalled assembly proceedings for past one week demanding joint legislative probe into six year YSR mis-rule.

What YSR supporters has to say?

“With his action, he has proved that he is true brother of YSR and protector of YSR family legacy. How can he remain silent where there is an orchestrated attempt to defame YSR,”

This should help him in the forthcoming by-elections to Pulivendula assembly seat, where he is likely to be Congress candidate”

Dont forget few days ago Loksatta president Jaiprakash Narayan and Congress MLC Paladugu Venkata Rao were beaten in assembly premises.

On 18 Feb 2011 JP was slapped outside assembly for condemning the ruckus created by TDP and TRS people in assembly house. Earlier TRS workers in house tore governer speech, pulled mike and chairs from podium. It is quite expected to condemn such uncivilised behaviour but so called representatives dont understand this.

Can we draw the conclusion that Congress slapped TDP in assembly to take revenge of TDP worker’s attack on its MLC outside assembly?

If these elected representatives cant handle the questions or opposition to their views then dear citizens our future is in dark. We must condemn it in full capacity as both incidents are shameful acts in democracy.

Jai Bharat!

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Dont be mute spectators to Farmers Killing like Nero’s Guests

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 27th March 2011

Came across following articles  Time to coccon our silk farmers… and Techies chip in to help farmers..

Raw silk prices plummeted from Rs.350/Kg to Rs.120/Kg in local market when import duty on raw Silk reduced to 5% from 31% in recent Union Budget 2011. Due to this irritating decision sericulture farmers who were already facing the drop in prices got frustrated. And then Swami Gowda, 35, and his 20-year-old wife Indramma, both silk farmers, committed suicide in Valageredoddi, Halagur, in Mandya district, leaving behind three children.
Swami had taken a loan of Rs 2.5 lakh and was paying 30% interest as no bank had given him a crop loan.
This calls to check how much tax reduction is given to corporates and guaranteed income earners:
In order to help corporate houses government exempted tax of Rs.79554Cr. This includes Corporate Income tax, Personal Income Tax, Export Duty exemption.
This looks like government is helping one entrepreneur at the expense of other. Which is not at all accepted.
“The Central government  should immediately withdraw its resolution regarding the duty-free import of silk,” they demanded.
Lakhs (16.5Lakhs) of silk farmers and reelers are dependent on sericulture industry for their livelihood. Farmers who are already leading precarious existence will be shattered with the implementation of duty-free import of silk, the protesters said.
Instead both the Centre and State governments should ensure scientific price for cocoons, they urged.
Warning indefinite strike against duty-free import of silk, silk farmers and reelers on Tuesday here submitted a memorandum to Additional Director of Sericulture Nagesh.
“Lakhs of families are dependent on sericulture industry. As a result, the Central government should impose 50 per cent import duty on silk. A price ranging from Rs 350 to 400 should be fixed for per kg of cocoon. Also, raw silk produced by reelers should be paid Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000,” the protesters demanded.
We hope people like Mr. Narayanmurthy and Nandan Nilakeni we will not remain mute spectators and Nero’s Guests to the killing of people, and making children orphans, especially devastating a huge community of 16.5 lakh people and their families just 100 kilometers away from Bangalore while the same policy enables us to enjoy the malls, highways and volvo buses.
Mr. Murthy and Mr. Nilekani are you listening?  Or Mr Murthy busy dreaming about Presidency?
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Jai Kisan.

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Why Farmers Commit suicide

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 26th March 2011

I came across various assumptions, facts and ignorance about the causes of farmer suicides. It is really very sad on the part of Bharat Sarkar (GOI) and state governments that they have not yet dug into the root cause of the issue. They are busy creating a feel good environment by declaring loan waiver, subsidies and some immediate help.

The government will go to the victim’s house will declare Rs. 100000/200000 or whatever moderate amount enough for a year or two. If that is the case then why not to give such money in advance than later?

Basically we, as responsible citizens, need to question the government and representatives about the suicide reports and reasons of suicide. If a single farmer suicide in NY, USA makes whole country upset and does a primary study with suggestions, then why we, Bharatiya, don’t consider this?

Do you care for us?

Aren’t we aware of that more than 200000 (2 lakh) farmers (Only those who have 7/12 & 8A in their name; women and farm labors aren’t farmers as per government rules.) have committed suicide since 1995?

Saddest part is that our media is not reporting this with correct statistics and facts. The news is rather suppressed to telecast breaking stories of cricket, bollywood and politicians 24X7.

There were more than 16400 suicides in the year of 2008 amidst all loan waivers and subsidies. And after the bad wether conditions of 2009 the number has grown to 17000.

Isn’t this frustrating that even after Rs.72000Cr loan waiver farmers are still committing suicide and the rate is growing. But to solve such problems first our government has to accept that there is a problem, which they are not accepting. Manish Tiwari say that increase in suicide count because of “Systematic issue and need to blame anybody”, in short govt is ducking the responsibility.

(Being a farmer I’ve seen it closely) Here is what I think about the reasons of farmer suicides:

  1. Consistently failing crops
    • Costly and less productive seeds (BT/GM?)
    • Water scarcity
    • (forced) Chemical fertilizers usage
    • Electricity problems
  2. Large cost of seeding and cultivation
  3. Panchnama (Inspection) by government officials after natural/man made calamity
  4. Transportation problems
  5. Storage and Preservation problems.
  6. No guarantee of rates (at the hands of dalals/agents) of farm produce
  7. Insufficient and ineffective food processing facilities
  8. Politics of agriculture produce (Globalization, reduced import duty)
  9. GM/BT effect
    • Seed companies killed local seed variants with the help of state machinery
    • Seed bag prices increased to exploit the need after killing local variants
    • Water scarcity increased after using GM/BT seeds, as such crops need more water

I’ll try to elaborate each and every point with evidences and possible statistics. Will also try to get some testimonials of farmers and write follow-up posts.

Please send me your comments, suggestions and corrections…

जय भारत!!

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