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Prime Minister: Most Corrupt fully with Anti-nationals working for their interest

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on February 10th, 2011

PM manmohan has lost all the respect and dignity, that too for anti-nationals. He has seriously put big dent on the name of Sardars/Sikhs. Sikh/Sardar are the ones who r always looked upon as ideals for inspiration for truthfulness and integrity.

Irony is that even after so many scams and corruption there is not a single press conference by PM, Congress chief or General Secretary. They are all hiding behind PC and Sibal.

http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/3914/65024373.jpgP Chidu and Sibal both are die hard supporters of corrupt.

In case of 2G scan sibal said govt didnt lose any money and within few days CBI arrested Raja. Then he went on to say that NDA did it so we followed. Now comes S spectrum scam, in which more than 2Lakh Crore might have been lost. The S spectrum agreement was signed when he was in Science and research ministry. So the skeletons are tumbling out. Interestingly the ISRO comes directly under PM. Without his signature nothing can go ahead.

“It is said that Manmohan might have signed under the pressure from Sonia and Pachauri.” very soon truth will come out.

Chidu said that in case of Thomas, CVC, he did not know about any criminal proceedings against Thomas. Utter non sense. In the 3 member panel Shmt Sushma Swaraj had brought to the panel’s notice that Thomas has a pending charge-sheet in Palmolin case.

PC n Digvijay in order to divert attention from Gov in-activeness and ineffectiveness went after tolerant Hindus. labeled us with Saffron Terror, Hindu Terror.

This was just another ploy to achieve two things
1. diverting public attention from all scams.
2. creating rift among two communities for political mileage.

Shame on you Manmohan Singh for letting us down. Shame on you that you  still hung to the chair and dont have any morals to resign and call re-elections. Shame Shame Shame

I curse myself for being happy when Manmohan Singh was elected as Prime Minister of Bharat in 2004. I can never forgive myself for such mistake, of mine, that I supported his selection (he has never elected by citizens through election).

सरफरोशोंने लहू देके जिसे सींचा हैं, ऐसे भारत को लुटरोंसे बचालों यारो.
सरफरोशी की तमन्ना दिल में जगा लो यारो.

जय भारत, जय भारती!

P.S.: Original post here.

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