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Archive for November 24th, 2009

Shilpa Shetty’s Wedding and Dance of death

Posted by Sandeep Shelke on 24th November 2009

This post is being written to keep the world updated about the daily farmer suicide cases in Bharat. Today and Yesterday mainline media was busy covering Shilpa’s wedding (indeed a very important incident, because she getting married has very relation with TRP) in full limelight, while farmers across nation were pleading for help and died leaving family in deep darkness.

The information is in reverse chronological order:

The farmer from Vai commits suicide because of loan burden(as per the statement in letter left behind) 22 Nov 2009

शुक्रवारी रात्री या गोळ्या खाल्ल्यानंतर शनिवारी पहाटे ते मृतावस्थेत आढळले. आपण कर्जाला कंटाळून आत्महत्या करीत असल्याचे त्यांनी एका चिठ्ठीत लिहून ठेवले होते.

मांढरदेवच्या पायथ्याला पिराची वाडी गावात राहणाऱ्या तानाजी पोळ यांनी वाईच्या ज्ञानदीप को-ऑप बँक आणि चैतन्य अर्बन बँकेकडून घरबांधणी आणि जीप खरेदीसाठी कर्ज घेतले होते. सुरूवातीला शेतीतून मिळणाऱ्या उत्पन्नातून त्यांनी दोन्ही बँकांच्या कर्जाचे हफ्ते नियमित भरले होते. मधुमेह आणि इतर आजारांनी ग्रासलेल्या तानाजी यांची औषधोपचार आणि घरखर्च भागवताना परवड होत होती. कर्जाचे हफ्ते आणि त्यात अवेळी आलेल्या पावसात झालेल्या पिकांच्या नुकसानीमुळे त्यांनी आत्महत्या केली.

Name: Tanaji Pol (50)

Address: Mandhardev, Pirachi wadi, Vai Tehsil

Commited suicide because of the loan repayment burden.

The suicide by a farmer in Orissa on 22 Nov 2009.

This farmer, Krupasindhu Pal (45) of Naraharipur village, committed suicide for mere Rs.30000/-. What a shame on us (GOI)?.

In Bharat a salaried person gets a car loan or home loan at about 8-10% per annum. Whereas the farmer gets the loan for his crops around 12-14%. Why so?

Here government claims they give loans @4% per annum but actually while it reaches to the farmer the rate soars to 10-13% (more but not less).

Isn’t this a pre-planned massacre of farmers to wipe them out and establish SEZs and industries like reliance and tata?

Two Farmer’s Commit Suicide in Yavatmal District, Maharashtra 21 Nov 2009

1. आर्णी तालुक्‍यातील पांगरी येथील शेतकरी देवसिंग सवाई जाधव (वय 60) [Kai. Shri Devsingh Savai Jadhav At/Post Pangari, Arni Tehsil]

2. राळेगाव तालुक्‍यातील लाडकी येथील भास्कर मांडवकर [Kai. Shri. Bhaskar Mandavkar At/Post Ladaki, Ralegao Tehsil]

There was around Rs 30000 loan on both of them (as per the source)

Seven Farmers Commit Suicide in last week because of natural calamities and careless government of Maharashtra 20 Nov 2009

यवतमाळ जिल्ह्यातील आणीर् तालुक्यातील जवळा या गावात तर एक दिवसाआड दोन शेतकऱ्यांनी आत्महत्या केल्या. येथील ५० वषीर्य अल्पभूधारक कर्जबाजारी शेतकरी बाबूसिंग राठोड यांनी विष घेऊन आत्महत्या केली. याबाबत गावात हळहळ व्यक्त होत असताना दुसऱ्याच दिवशी याच गावातील कुणाल मनोहर गुल्हाने या २१ वषीर्य शेतकऱ्याने आत्महत्या केली. राळेगाव तालुक्यातील विजया येलुरे, उमरखेड तालुक्यातील नारळी येथील कैलास लाकडे, मुकुटबन येथील लक्ष्मण चेलपेलवार आणि मधुकर गड्डमवार, दिग्रस तालुक्यातील मांडवा येथील सुवालीबाई कानावत यांनीही सततची नापिकी आणि कर्जबाजारीपणाला कंटाळून आत्महत्या केली

District Yavatmal

Name                                                     Village

  1. Babusingh Rathid                    Jawala, Tehsil Arni
  2. Kunal Manihar Gulhane          Jawala, Tehsil Arni
  3. Vijaya Yelure (Female)           Ralegoan
  4. Kailas Lakade                           Narali, Tehsil Umarkhed
  5. Laksham Chelpelvar                Mukutban
  6. Madhukar Gaddamvar            Mukutban
  7. Suvalibai Kanavat(Female)        Mandava, Tehsil Digras

The main reason for these suicides are continuous non-yielding crops and loans.

Tale of a farmer’s suicide told for the people of Manipur 16 Nov 2009

Clutching on to the framed photograph of his late father, 6-year old Mukendra stood near the doorstep, unperturbed, by the presence of the camera flashing news hunter team around him, even as his grandmother wept silently recounting once again how her son Hanumanthu (36) ended his life

What are we doing?

Your comments and additions are welcome. Please awake and make a resolution that we will help at least one farmer, over the period of our life time, to get out of the dangers of loan and natural adversaries in lieu of the food we eat.

Jai Hind!

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